Orogel Food Service

Orogel Food Service


Orogel Food Service knows what any pizzeria needs:
that's why it offers its customers a professional service: Amico Chef, an assistance and advisory program with lots of hints, tips and recipes with Orogel products. A team formed by Orogel experts working in the company's research center will be available to give you tailor-made and practical solutions for your activity.
A rich range of natural and selected ingredients, from asparagus to artichokes, from grilled vegetables to various mixes.

Orogel fresh frozen vegetables do not release water on pizza while baking and maintain, even after the cooking in the oven, their attractive appearance and a bright fresh colour! Moreover, adding a sprinkle of Orogel herbs and spices, the pizzas will be even more delicious!
The practicality of the packaging guarantees a greater speed of execution and storage convenience too.

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