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The Register of Approved Suppliers of the “True Neapolitan Pizza“ (“Vera Pizza Napoletana“)
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The Register of the approved suppliers of the "True Neapolitan Pizza" ("Vera Pizza Napoletana"), organized and promoted by the True Neapolitan Pizza Association (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana or AVPN), represents a tool serving pizzerias, affiliated to the Association, in the process of procuring food and non-food products, related to the production chain of the "true Neapolitan pizza".


May apply for enrollment, in the manner and in the form specified in the regulation of the Register, those Companies:

1. That produce one or more of the following raw materials and equipment:

  flour: soft wheat flour;
  fresh tomatoes: “S. Marzano dell‚Agro Sarnese-nocerino“, tomatoes of Corbara (“Corbarino“), DOP tomatoes Piennolo of Vesuvius;
  peeled tomatoes: peeled tomatoes “S. Marzano dell‚Agro Sarnese-Nocerino“ DOP, fresh tomatoes or industrial tomato for peeled tomatoes of the “long-shaped tomato of Roma type“; tomatoes of Corbara (“Corbarino“);
  mozzarella: Buffalo mozzarella of Campania DOP, mozzarella STG;
  fior di latte: fiordilatte of Southern Apennines DOP, other fiordilatte certificated; - extra-virgin olive oil;
  extra-virgin olive oil;
  food products used for neapolitan pizza toppings;
  dough mixers;
  accessories and tools;
  other equipment and innovative technologies.

2. that are in possession of the following administrative requirements:
  membership of a Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Handicrafts or a similar document of the country the Company belongs to;
  certification and /or appropriate documentation that allow traceability of the product (that is, to locate and identify all stages of production / processing of the product itself);
  certifications and / or documentation issued by the competent authorities to certify the approval of the product as a PDO (DOP), STG or typical (if required);
  certification and /or appropriate documentation to demonstrate the successful application of self-control and food hygiene system (HACCP - Hazard analysis and critical control points) in all phases of production and distribution to the delivery of meals to the manufacturer;
  compliance with legislation governing the sale of products and sanitation, worker safety in the workplace, social security contributions.

3. whose products meet the quality standards set by the Department of Food Science, Faculty of Agriculture of the University “Federico II“ of Naples. The Department after reviewing the products and certifications, will issue an advisory opinion.

The Department after reviewing the products and certifications, will issue an advisory opinion.
Those companies that, at the discretion of the AVPN and following the audit made by the Department of Food Science, Faculty of Agriculture of the University “Federico II“ of Naples or by a technician entrusted by the Association, comply with requirements listed above and to the characteristics described in the International Regulations to obtain the international collective brand mark “True Neapolitan Pizza“ (“Vera Pizza Napoletana“) owned by the AVPN, will be enrolled at the Register of Approved Suppliers of the “True Neapolitan Pizza“.

Following the registration, the Company is permitted to use - as specified in the regulation of the Register - the brand "Approved Supplier of the True Neapolitan Pizza" (“Fornitore ufficiale della Vera Pizza Napoletana“), owned by the AVPN.

The brand and the Register of the Suppliers will be spread and developed by the AVPN through marketing activities and communication (promotion, events, publications, media relations, etc..) both in Italy and abroad. To support these actions, the AVPN will require from the Companies a participation fee. This amount, determined by the managers of the AVPN, will take into account the preferences expressed by the Company and the size, geographical and specific sector of its activities.

The Register of the Approved Suppliers of the "True Neapolitan Pizza" (“Vera Pizza Napoletana“) is valid internationally.

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Acidity 0,50%
Peroxides max 10 mEq O /2 Kg of oil
Indication for Variety of olives Yes
Indication Area of provenance Yes
Dry residue (Solids) more than the 6%
Lactic acid absent
Indication of provenance Yes
"Long-shaped" peeled tomatoes S. Marzano type Yes
Color, smell and flavor typical of a whole mature tomato
Weight of the drained product not less than the 60% of the net weight
Analytic index) ›15
Area indication of mozzarella provenance Si
Species identity Yes
Water content between the 52% and the 60%
Dry residue fat content (according to the DOP Discipline) not less than the 52%
Moisture less than the 65%
Hermetically sealed Yes
Area indication of milk provenance Yes
Species identity Yes
Water content between the 52% and the 58%
Dry residue fat content more than the 44%
Moisture between the 45% and the 52%
Hermetically sealed Yes
Strength 250-320
P/L ›0,6
Percentage of proteins 11,5% - 13,5%
Percentage of dry gluten 9,5% - 11.5%
Milling technique indication Si
Falling Number "FN" 250‹FN‹380
Absorption 55 - 60
Stability 6' - 12'
Value index - Caduta E10 max 60