THE 5 SEASONS is the leader brand in Italy for flour and semi-finished products for pizzerias. THE 5 SEASONS products offer to field specialists solutions for any type of processing, obtaining results that are appreciated throughout the world: from flours suitable for very long rising times to those for direct kneading method, from semi-finished products with cereals other than wheat to gluten-free flour, from brewer's yeast to the well-known Mother Yeast Naturkraft.

LNew proposals keep amazing all the people who are approaching our brand: the thin round pizza, the sliced pizza, the softest and most fragrant kind of dough, and the most bizarre pizzas according to your inspiration will confirm the secret of your success thanks to the use of our products. The company continually strives to obtain the best with the help and commitment of the RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT Department: new technologies and more sophisticated studies have been able to get traditional fragrances, flavors and aromas in a professional way.
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Le 5 Stagioni is becoming official member of the Suppliers approved to full title by the "Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana". The Flour Pizza Napoletana branded Le 5 Stagioni has received the "certificate of suitability" in conformity to the parameters of quality and the requisites established by the official disciplinary for the realization of the true Neapolitan Pizza. The rheological characteristics of the product and its elasticity have permitted an appreciated recognition highly valued by master pizzaioli in Italy and abroad.
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