The BIO-COM PETER MANGIA run the disposal and recovery of all types of waste. Specializing in: COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT OF VEGETABLE OILS EXHAUSTED
Registered in CONOE (National Consortium for mandatory collection and processing of vegetable oils and animal fats and exhausted), has started to collect used vegetable oils from restaurants and canteens, then extends to the activities organized for the common collection , by making the distribution of appropriate collection stations throughout the Equipped with the most advanced technologies for environmental compliance and proper recycling of waste animal & plant, withdrawals throughout Italy provide 24 hours of 24 at the seat of your attività.La our professionalism and experience are at your service try to meet your every need.
Active in the past three generations, over the years has continued with the intention and determination to broaden their horizons for action in response to continued demand from customers for new and varied service delivery, in respect of 'environment.
Since 2011 THE BIO-COM holds a major deal with "TECHNOLOGY & SECURITY" on franchesing workplace safety throughout ITALY: COMPANY SPECIALIZED IN SAFETY AND HYGIENE.

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The service has the following characteristics:

- Delivery of one or more containers 50 lt-100lt-200lt to the customer for the collection of used oil;

- Identification of a passing frequency for emptying the container (from weekly to yearly);

- Issue of waste identification form indicating the EWC code 20.01.25;

- Sending the 4th copy of the form to the client certifying the disposal;

The collection service is absolutely free
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