Since 1924 Molino Caputo has been grinding carefully selected wheat and producing high-performance flours, authentical and genuine. Its art has been passed on year by year over three generation: Carmine Caputo, back from the States, founded a mill and a pasta-making factory in Capua. Following his death the little farm was intherited by the son Antimo, who in 1939 bought the mill in San Giovanni a Teduccio, nowadays the headquarters of the firm's production plant. They are managed by the owners Eugenio and Carmine, and the son Antimo.

Ever since, Molino Caputo has preserved Neapolitan miller's ancient tradition: tender wheat flour production uniting the most modern working techniques with old-fashioned values, in order to keep and guarantee the high quality of products. The opening of the Centro Sperimentale Impasti (Experimental Centre of Kneading), provided with wooden and electrical ovens, is an innovative way of making products known whitethus improving the art of pizza-making, breadmaking amd pasta-making masters.
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caputo veraceFlour "00" PIZZERIA

"00" PIZZERIA (25 Kg 55.1 Lb) A very elastic gluten and soft starch favpur the formation of mixtures with very good moisturizing, ligt, with perfect leavening, with satisfies the needs of the best pizza aking masters. Ideal for
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