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The Contadi Castaldi Franciacorta

An n extraordinary universe of vines gave rise to the territory of Franciacorta. In the variety of its landscapes we discovered a wide range of expression, a richness of nuances, that made the creation of a new winemaking dream a real possibility. These are the origins of Contadi Castaldi, the most highly specialized company in the art of innovation, which searched the Franciacorta region to find the most evocative vineyards and the most passionate winemakers.

After all, no two winemakers are the same, and each of them practices and excels in different passions. There is the Pinot nero perfectionist, the Chardonnay purist, the inventor of seemingly new vine growing systems that later turn out to be the legacy of ancient know-how. There is also the poet of Pinot bianco ho always manages to surprise us, straight after yet another discussion on the method of green pruning.

In addition, there are the six "vocational units" of Franciacorta, so different from one other that we have succumbed to the temptation of cultivating vines in each of them, determined to make them similar as regards one methodological principle: to focus on the most subtle differences and meticulously care for the vineyards by hand to keep them perfectly healthy and long-lasting.
For us, all of this variety represents a great wealth that we bring into the cellar with every harvest and which allows us to say that our Franciacorta wines are true blends of wines of different origins that contribute their own uniqueness and which express themselves in the cuvée through their complete and complex balance, destined to achieve perfect harmony over time.

Francesca Moretti, Ceo of Terra Moretti Group wine area CONTADI CASTALDI

In medieval times the "contadi" were the counties of Franciacorta, small areas of land known for their outstanding agricultural products. The "castaldi" were the lords of the counties responsible for governing the lands.

The name is a synthesis of the ancient history of Franciacorta, its 19 municipalities and their vocation for outstanding agriculture. In 1500, when the Venetian Republic was at the height of its splendour, Franciacorta produced food and wine destined for the tables of princes, kings and rich merchants. For Franciacorta, the beautiful city of Venice was the market of choice for introducing its wines.
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Adro, a place rich with sunshine and vineyards We are located in Adro, in the Franciacorta region.
The name of this small village has several etymological roots. Among them "Ader", which means a "bright, serene and warm place, full of sun".
Another derivation is "Adrusco", which in the ancient Mediterranean language means "land full of vineyards". History tells us that since time immemorial the town of Ardo has been a land of vine cultivation and this specific detail is evident in the municipality's coat of arms depicting three large bunches of grapes.In fact, the climatein Adro is mild and temperate, ideal for grape growing. The mountain of Monte Altoprotects the land from the northerly winds and the fog of the Po Valley.
During the ice age, this long isolated mountain divided Lake Iseo into two adjacent bays, Lake Iseo in Brescia and Lake Sarnico in Bergamo. The mountain consists of sedimentary marine rocks, i.e. limestone, marl and sandstone. This soil is perfect for growing grapes and was exploited in the past by brick and concrete quarries.


The Contadi Castaldi vineyard covers 100 hectares, located in the nineteen municipalities of Franciacorta and distributed across the six "vocational units" of the Franciacorta Region.
The geological and microclimatic variations in the soils, along with the different grape growing methods used (Guyot, Spurred Cordon, Sylvoz, Archetto, Casarsa, Tendone), are the secrets we have used to create a new generation of Franciacorta wines that stand out for their balance, freshness and force of nature.
For this reason we have chosen to describe them with a new term: Cuvée Design is the method through which we explain, starting from the taste, the specific reasons behind our wine and cellar choices. The number of Cuvée Design followers increases each year, the best of whom will compete in the workshop entitled "At school with Cuvée", a challenge that allows participants to simulate the creation of a Cuvée Satèn using basic wines from the most recent harvest.

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