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Making flour since 1832
The Dallagiovanna story is linked to the history of flour since 1832 when, by milling grains, the family began to represent the forefront of the new industrial spirit which was taking Europe by storm and uniting science and craftsmanship for the first time.
Over the years, this craft has been continued by the new generations with the same pioneering and traditional approach.

Nowadays, the business is run by the 5th and 6th generations of the family, offering a very wide and varied range of products which are validated by the leading quality certifications and processed using the finest technology of all time with the expertise passed down from one generation to the next.

There are over 300 standard and custom-made flours, a range of gluten-free and lactose-free mixes specially-made for each sector of baking, professional blends and specific flours for pizza with all the goodness of the germ in wheat and various other grains.
Both all-purpose flours and flours which are researched specifically for the various food sectors – pastry, pizza, pasta and bread – start and end their journey in the Dallagiovanna laboratories.

In almost two hundred years, Molino Dallagiovanna has become one of the most productive and forward-thinking milling companies, capable of exporting the values and excellence of Italian food, demonstrating their intuition and stability.

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Pizzas made with Dallagiovanna flours are fragrant, tasty, crisp, and are perfect for modern processes and technologies. Molino's production policy puts quality before quantity and adapts techniques which yield natural, unstressed blends.
Alongside the traditional process for cleaning the wheat – to ensure better quality milling – there are strict guidelines for milling the grains, to avoid over-heating the grains and maintain their organoleptic properties.
At the same time, the flours are ideal for modern techniques, such as the cold rise method, without the chemical and physical properties being altered.

SPECIAL WHEAT FLOUR FOR PIZZA NAPOLETANA A result of almost two hundred years of art, expertise and passion, this is the perfect flour to bring out the excellent characteristics of Neapolitan Pizza: the charred, bubbly outer crust, the soft succulence and the flavours of the finest ingredients in the world.
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