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Established in 1934, Molino Grassi is the story of a family company. Three generations, from the founder to his grandchildren, who over the years have created, developed and given continuity to an ambitious project: to become leaders in soft and durum wheat processing, focusing on quality flour and semolina creation.

Born as soft wheat mill for the production of bread making flours, Molino Grassi has been producing also durum semolina since the 60s. In the 90s the company entered the organic food world developing innovative production chains that brought it to its current position of European leader in that field.

The company has its headquarters in Parma, heart of the so-called Food Valley in the centre of Emilia Romagna, the most important cereal-growing region of Northern Italy.
In 1996 Molino Grassi obtained ISO 9000 certification of its quality system, while in 2005 got ISO 22000 certification of its food safety and hygiene systems, the international recognized standard that applies to all the actors involved in the food chain.
Recently, this last certification was abandoned since in 2011 the company achieved the goal of BRC (British Retailer Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard), the two standard certifications suggested by mass retailers to guarantee the food quality and safety to end consumers. Lastly, the quality and safety system of Molino Grassi has just been implemented with GMP+ certification of feedstuffs safety.

Behind each of Molino Grassi's products lies a unique ingredient: the passion for good things and the constant pursuit of food excellence. On this basis were born the lines that from day to day inspire and go with Italian creativity in cooking.

A wide range of durum semolina and soft wheat flours, specifically tailored to turn the values of Made in Italy into high quality end products: confectionery, pasta, pizza and bread. But what makes Molino Grassi's products really special is that they are able to go beyond clichés. The ceaseless pursuit of the best and of quality niches has led the company to develop exclusive product lines, like the organics, the taste and flavor flours, the ancient grains and the QB line.
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The pizza line consist of 4 types of conventional flour, whose main different feature is the rising time

Fast H6 rising time from 4 to 6 hours
Speedy H10 rising time from 8 to 10 hours
Midi H12 rising time from 8 to 12 hours
Slow H24 rising time from 18 to 24 hours (corresponding to the better known Manitoba flour)

And the organic ones:

Pizza Kamut
Pizza Farro
Pizza Kronos

molino grassi