The History of a Family's Passion
The Mutti story began in northern Italy in Emilia-Romagna, the agriculture belt of Italy. Just south of Parma, in the rich fields between the Parma and Enza Rivers, the Mutti family began its affair with the tomato in 1899. With hundreds of tomato farms within a scant few miles, they had great resources to begin with. To this day, they make only tomato products, their passion.
From the beginning the aim was to give cooks first, year-round access to quality tomatoes; second, convenience and labor-saving in the kitchen; third, a canned tomato as close to fresh in taste and texture as possible.

A Culture of Improvement – and a Golden Reward
To achieve their goals, Mutti first made a science of the cultivation of consistently flavorful tomatoes. They developed a system of grading them for flavor and texture, and studied the best practices for consistent growth and production. Mutti contracts with farmers at above-market prices, to ensure they get first quality. If a farmer's product does not meet Mutti's standards, they work with them to improve their methods and create a better crop the next year. The farmer with the best quality is awarded the coveted "Golden Tomato" – a prize hailed each year in national newspapers and highly sought after by all friendly competitors.

A Respect for the Fruit
It would be foolish to cultivate a firm, sweet tomato and then process out all the flavor! So Mutti developed a cold-peeling process. Competitors may dip their tomatoes in hot water to make the peels slip off, but Mutti discovered this begins to break down the cell structure, which alters the texture and destroys some of the nutrients. Mechanical cold-peeling is less efficient, but preserves the texture and flavor better.

A Century of Innovation
In the 1951, Mutti introduced tomato paste in a tube, with double the concentration of tomato flavor. They made a bright red top for the tube that doubled as a thimble. The iconic tube became an instant hit with frugal housewives. The thimble top was discontinued in the 80s, and is now a prized collectible. In the 70s, Moms got busier. How could they help with dinner preparation? The answer was "Polpa," a finely chopped tomato introduced in 1971 that saved time peeling and chopping.
In the 2000s, the increasing sophistication of the home chef, and the popularity of balsamic vinegar inspired the creation of Mutti Tomato Vinegar in 2004. In a unique process, the vinegar is actually made from tomatoes. And most recently, in 2012, Mutti once again came to the rescue of busy cooks with pre-spiced sauces.

Coming To North America
Mutti recently tested its products with North American home cooks. In focus groups, tastings, and at-home tests, the results were gratifying. The women were surprised and pleased to discover fresh tomato flavor coming from a canned product. And when we asked them to take Mutti home and try it in their favorite recipe, 100% of the home testers said they would switch from their current brand to Mutti. Mutti's superior growing techniques and minimum processing give their tomatoes a fresh, clean taste, and a firm texture unlike anything North American cooks have experienced. Get ready to kick your old cans out of your pantry – Mutti is here to raise your standards and challenge your expectations of what a canned tomato can be.
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