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Started in Arce, a province of Frosinone, in the first half of the twentieth century, from a small artisan business, POLSELLI today is a protagonist in the milling industry in Italy and a leader in the production of flour of quality.

Run for almost a century by the entrepreneurial experience of a family that today has reached the third generation, it's, always, focused on quality.
The company works every day to satisfy the needs of the consumers with unique, natural and genuine products, close to the clients, with the capacity for listening, serving and innovation, ensuring QUALITY and SAFETY, through a careful selection of the raw material, control of the entire production chain, protection of the environment.

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polselli farina Wheat Flour "00" CLASSICA website

Classica is a flour blend obtained by milling selected tender grains of domestic and foreign origin.

It is recommended for working using the direct method with medium leavening times, and is suitable for the preparation of traditional Neapolitan pizza.

The power of tradition.
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