A travelling promotion, touring Italy and abroad


Places we visited: click to see pictures of each event:

- Riva del Garda
- Canada Montreal
- Japan Week
- Castellamare di Stabia
- Napoli Fiera del Bambino
- Napoli Maraton 2006
- Napoli, Festa del Pomodoro
- Napoli, Germogli 2006


This project is based on the tourist promotion of artisan tastes and traditions of Naples area.

More particularly, Neapolitan pizza, as a symbol of the town, known worldwide, it is a typical guaranteed product acknowledged as a traditional specialty and it is used as an attraction for the Naples area beauties.

The project goal is to promote the Neapolitan Pizza Product both in Italy and abroad, trying to encourage potential Italian and foreign tourists to visit Naples area.

The Association will arrange two big trucks with 4 sections -each one able to make pizzas- with a wood-oven, work bench and a staff room. Everything will be personalized with the colours and the logo by the Association. It will represent a tourist travelling promotion.

Each container will have the possibility to open up side partitions, able to cover an area of about 200 square meters, where 100 people can sit and enjoy Neapolitan Pizzas.

On these partitions area decorated with images of natural sites, pieces of arts from museums located in the Naples area, or some picturesque views of every-day life in the city. To make it all more charming, some musical performances by Neapolitan street artists could be added.

The project goal is to set up a travelling promotion, touring Italy and abroad, with the intention to meet potential tourists that might be interested in visiting our region and the Naples area; at the same time we also intend to promote events gathering a large number of people.

Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana