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True Neapolitan Pizza: trip to South America

True Neapolitan Pizza: trip to South AmericaThe True Neapolitan Pizza knows no geographical borders. From 4 to 15 November 2012, a delegation of AVPN, formed by Antonio Pace, Stefano Auricchio, Giovanni Improta e Paolo Surace, will be traveling to South America to promote the true Neapolitan pizza, with a tour, full of events and appointments, in Brazil and Argentina

made possible thanks to the partners Molino Caputo, Le 5 Stagioni, Gimetal, CIOA Il Pomodoro di Napoli, C-Trade, Fornoflex, Fazenda Vermelha.
First stop the city of Sao Paulo, where the representatives of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association will be welcomed by the exclusive Italian Club, where they will meet Italo - Brazilian business leaders in order to plan t future collaborations. The visit in the economic capital of Brazil will go on, then, with two events in two pizzerias of the city (Speranza and Veridiana), organized with the support of Le 5 Stagioni and Molino Caputo. The Neapolitan master pizza makers will work side by side with the Brazilian colleagues for two night dedicated to pizza. Last meeting in Sao Paulo will be at the Food Science University Anhembi Morumbi, where in the auditorium of the university there will be a seminar with the participation of more than eighty students.
Next destination, Rio de Janeiro, or rather, Petropolis,, the "Imperial City of Brazil." Here AVPN was asked to participate in Petropolis Gourmet (, a major exhibition dedicated to gastronomy, scheduled for November 10 to 20. As usual, the Neapolitan pizza takes the starring role, with a series of events that include a contest for pizza makers, a seminar on true pizza and a course held by Antonio Lo Presti. Among the pizzerias involved in Rio there are "Pappa Jack" and "Capricciosa". And constantly in the shadow of the "Cristo Redentor", the President of AVPN Antonio Pace will deliver the certificate of True Neapolitan Pizza to Pizzeria Baco, the first "true" pizzeria in Brasilia.
And a "debut" is also planned in the next and final stage, Buenos Aires. The delegation will, in fact, have the pleasure of associating to AVPN the first pizzeria in Argentina, which is "Siamo nel forno", present just in the Portena capital.

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