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The annual Convention of AVPN was a success

The annual Convention of AVPN was a success

The True Neapolitan Pizza Association Annual Convention, took place on January 28 at the hotel Napolit'amo, a day dedicated to the internal debate among the members followed by a moment during which the activities and initiatives planned for 2014 were presented to the public.

This is an important year and the True Neapolitan Pizza Association has decided to celebrate its 30th anniversary with a new edition of Pizzafest. A new and revised Pizzafest that will no longer be the traditional public event, but an event that will involve the whole city and members from around the world as well. All the associated pizzerias will be able to organize, from May 27 to 30, events, tastings and meetings to enhance and promote the True Neapolitan Pizza. A varied program connected through food and wine tours that will be able to set off the skill of the pizza makers. For more info visit

During the morning meetings between the directive and the delegates of AVPN it was decided to appoint Roberto Di Massa Trustee for the Veneto Region and to include Giovanni Improta from the pizzeria "Al 22" among the members of the Executive Committee. The new Coordinator of the National Trustees is Corrado Scaglione from the Enosteria Lipen.