FINAL RULES - Olimpiadi della Vera Pizza Napoletana 2022

The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana guarantees the transparency of the competition and compliance with the rules listed below, reserving the right to exclude competitors who do not respect them.


Pizza chefs owners and / or employees of Pizzerias regularly affiliated to AVPN, members of the Register of Pizzaioli AVPN and professional pizza chefs, even unaffiliated, classified in the first 3 places during each of the preliminaries organized by the AVPN. Each participant can register for a maximum of 2 categories - Vera Pizza Napoletana, Per Gourmet, Fritta, Mastunicola and Calzone Napoletano.

Registration must only take place after completing the electronic form on the official website of the

Participants must be 16 years old.

The registered competitor cannot strictly cooperate in any form during the competition days and in the event area in favor of the sponsoring companies of the event.

Each competitor can compete on behalf of his country of origin or the country in which he works.

The deadline for registration is Thursday 23 June 2022 at 20:00 GMT +1

The AVPN reserves the right to close the registrations if the maximum organizational limit is reached (n.100 participants for the real Neapolitan pizza, n.25 participants for fried pizza, n.50 participants for gourmet pizza, n. 25 participants for the mastunicola pizza, 25 participants for the Neapolitan calzone).



The Olympics will be divided into 5 disciplines, one for each of the Olympic circles:


1) True Neapolitan Pizza * (according to ancient tradition):

It must be carried out according to the AVPN Regulations with a limitation to Margherita Verace and Marinara only. It can be used peeled tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and the mixture of fresh and peeled tomatoes together, fiordilatte or buffalo mozzarella, grated cheese, extra virgin olive oil, basil.


2) Pizza for Gourmet (innovation of tradition)

The direct dough must be made from 70% flour 0 or 00 according to the technique provided by the specification. The pizza must be proportionable or in such a quantity as to allow at least 4 equal tastings. The maximum number of ingredients that can be used for the pizza filling is 5 chosen by the participant who respect the rules of international gastronomy. The oil will not be counted in the calculation of the number of ingredients and combinations with fruit or desserts are not allowed.

The pizza can only be cooked in a wood oven, frying is not allowed.


3) Fried Pizza * (according to ancient tradition):

Fried Neapolitan pizza dough as a calzone or round filling. The following ingredients are also allowed only in combination as long as they are inside the pizza: fresh ricotta, fiordilatte, buffalo mozzarella, provola, pork cicoli, napoli salami, grated cheese, tomato and pepper.


4) Mastunicola * (disc of dough topped with lard or extra virgin olive oil, basil, cheese and pepper)

Historic Neapolitan pizza designed to enhance the dough. It is prepared like a focaccia and seasoned with lard or extra virgin olive oil, cacio (grated cheeses with sheep, goat or cow's milk or combinations of milks). The use of pepper and fresh basil is allowed.


5) Calzone Napoletano * (according to ancient tradition):

Neapolitan pizza dough baked in the oven as a filling.

The following ingredients are also allowed only in combination as long as they are inside the pizza: fresh ricotta, fiordilatte, buffalo mozzarella, provola, pork cicoli, napoli salami, grated cheese, tomato and pepper.


* The use of ingredients not provided for in the following regulation will result in disqualification.



Equipment provided to participants: t-shirt, apron, hat and backpack. Competitors must wear the uniform provided.

In no way will it be possible to participate wearing other uniforms and / or accessories with brands of companies under penalty of disqualification.

It is also mandatory not to wear jewelry, bracelets, rings and watches, under penalty of disqualification.



A special AVPN splint / spatula will be provided for participants to use during the contest (optional use). It is mandatory to prepare the dough at the AVPN headquarters (by machine or by hand). The organization provides participants with the equipment for making the dough for the preparation and cooking of pizza (oven, shovels, counter, fryer etc.). It is not allowed to use other equipment.

Participants will have to independently provide themselves with containers, containers and materials to manage the ingredients in anonymous boxes without the presence of brands and recognisability.



The organization will make available flour, peeled tomatoes, oil, buffalo mozzarella and fiordilatte which must be used by the participants by viewing and communicating it to the registration of the competition, in no case will the use of products other than those listed by companies other than those sponsors of the Olympics, under penalty of disqualification.

All ingredients not mentioned are the responsibility of the participants. The preparation and arrangement of the ingredients provided by the organization on the workbenches are the responsibility of the participants.

In no way will it be possible to advertise or display the brands of products other than sponsors.



The registration fee for the two competitions chosen by the participant is € 50.00



Oven judge: establishes and regulates the order of access to the pizza chefs competition, makes sure that no irregularities are committed during preparation, checking that all the material is removed at each pizza chef change. Fill out the first Scored Evaluation Data Sheet.

Pizza holder: ensures to bring the pizza from the "competition field" to the jury while preserving the anonymity of the author of the pizza.

Jury: a minimum number of 2 jurors, depending on the competitions, will fill in the technical evaluation sheet. The jury's decision is unquestionable. One or more juries will be set up according to the number of participants in the competition.

Technical Sheet: The sum of the technical sheets of the jurors and of the oven judges will make up the vote in 100/100. For some competitions there will be a different technical sheet which will always express a value in 100/100.

Rankings: rankings will be drawn up for each competition based on the average of 100.00 / 100.00 points of each pizza chef obtained from the simple mathematical average of all the forms filled in by the jurors.

Medal table: it will be a further ranking in which the relative medals (gold, silver, bronze) will be displayed for each nation. The best 3 nations that will have the highest number of gold medals will then be awarded (and in the case of the same number of gold medals, the highest number of silvers and finally bronzes).

Complaints: the judgment expressed by the jury through the technical data sheets is final and unappealable. Appeals through video evidence or of any other nature are not allowed. Any irregularities must be reported immediately to the competition judges who will take appropriate measures. The decisions and rankings are final.

Ex aequo cases for the individual categories: In the event of equal points, the winner will be awarded the highest score for the "general harmony" parameter. In the event of a further ex aequo, the winner will be the one who obtained the highest score for the "pizza management" in the oven / frying ".

Publication of results: the results will be displayed and communicated on the evening of 6 July 2022. In no way will it be possible to access the partial results or to know the outcome of the races in advance. The ranking order will not be communicated for the first three classified until the final award ceremony. All others will be listed in alphabetical order.


A special best baker award will be awarded to the contestant who gets the highest score from the baker judge in a range between 1 and 100.



  • The dough will be made compulsorily by hand or with the mixer according to the order assigned by the competitors directly on site in a preparation room. The processing must take place according to the AVPN Regulations, under penalty of disqualification, therefore only direct-type mixtures are allowed. A tablet / container for the dough will be provided by the organization. The doughs will be identified and stored in a prover set at a controlled temperature of 18 ° and humidity of 65% or they can be left to rise at room temperature.
  • The organization will communicate the order of participation and the time of each individual performance which may fluctuate due to any small delays.
  • The competitor must respond to the appeal of the technical manager of the competition. At the third unanswered appeal, the competitor will be excluded from the competition.
  • For the preparation of the pizza, competitors will have a maximum time of 8 minutes which will run from the assignment of the oven. For the Neapolitan calzone the maximum time is 12 minutes. Competitors must prepare the pizza without the help or assistance of anyone (under penalty of disqualification) except for the oven assistant assigned by the organization who will only be able to hold the shovel.
  • In the event of an error in making the pizza, the participant has the right to make a second attempt (remaining within the total production time made available to the participants). If the second attempt is also unsuccessful then the participant will be eliminated from the race.
  • The competition judges of the competition will supervise that each competitor, having finished the composition, diligently removes all his tools and ingredients and carefully cleans the area used to make room for the next competitor.
  • The presentation of the pizza must be anonymous, according to the number assigned and no distinctive signs or particular attitudes that may in any way allow the identification of the pizza maker will be allowed under penalty of disqualification.
  • The organization reserves the exclusive advertising and image rights regarding the participants of each category of competitions for one year and the unlimited use of photographic material, video and so on without any obligation to the participants themselves.
  • The organization reserves the right to make any changes in order to improve the conduct of the event itself.
Friday 10 June 2022

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