AVPN: kicking off celebrations to recount 40 years of protecting, promoting and enhancing, training and safeguarding Verace Pizza Napoletana

Saturday, June 29 to Wednesday, July 3 in Naples

Full calendar of events to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association with 5 days of meetings and tastings, all in the heart of Naples

A special year for AVPN as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. After the great success of the Vera Pizza Day and the highly appreciated focus on pizza pairing in collaboration with AIS Campania, in the beautiful setting of the Castello di Solfagnano, the countdown now begins for the 5 days of Verace Pizza Napoletana, which, from Saturday, June 29 to Wednesday, July 3, will kick off a journey of taste, history and culture of the product that most of all identifies the Mediterranean Diet Italian gastronomic culture. All in the center of its hometown, inside the headquarters of the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association in Capodimonte, the temple of pizza in Naples and around the world.


“AVPN's 40th anniversary,” stresses Antonio Pace, AVPN President, “translates into 40 years of culture, protecting traditions and reaching new boundaries that have helped make true Neapolitan pizza a global phenomenon. An exciting result, to say the least, made possible by the work of our pizza makers, who have always been committed to popularizing this precious product. Transmitting the flavors of their territory, to show that the quality of pizza is independent of geographical location but originates from the passion and talent of the pizza maker. An achievement that we want to share with all in our affiliates, historical friends and historical partners of the Association with 5 days that promises to be the biggest event dedicated to the Verace Pizza Napoletana."

The calendar of initiatives scheduled during the event is dense, starting with “A true pairing,” four evenings that will offer the public of enthusiasts, press and industry professionals a sensory journey that celebrates the marriage between Neapolitan pizza and wine. A project, again in collaboration with AIS Campania, that will see the Association's pizzaioli maker , from all over the world, present their creations paired with the most prestigious denominations great labels representative of Italy's extraordinary wine heritage. A theme for each day: it starts on Saturday 29 with “A Beginning in Delicacy: seafood pizzas,” then on Sunday 30 it will be the turn of “Elegance and Complexity: Vegetable pizzas,” “A Sparkling Experience: Fried pizzas,” Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 with “A Synergy of Flavors: the great Classics.”

Among the many not-to-be-missed events is “Pizza maker for one day,” the experience dedicated to True Pizza lovers who will have the opportunity to prepare this extraordinary product together with the Association's Master Pizzaioli. From the dough to the drafting, from the baking to the toppings to the tasting, every visitor will be able to put on the pizzaiolo's shoes for a few hours and learn all the secrets of what is not just a profession, but an artistic expression and a way of life. A four-day immersive masterclass, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., the last one dedicated exclusively to young enthusiasts inside the AVPN School, to make the experience of sharing with many hands. The best raw materials provided by the event's partners will be used on this occasion, to highlight the pizza maker's dexterity and flair but also the importance of the quality of the ingredients, essential values that guarantee the excellence of all the pizzas baked by the Association.

The last day, that of Wednesday, July 3, will be the turn of “A true history” the conference scheduled from 10 a.m. at the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa, to retrace the centuries-old history of true Neapolitan pizza and the successful path of AVPN, which, year after year, has become the reference reality for the protection, promotion and enhancement of this product on a global scale. A big party to recount 40 years of goals, experiences and emotions shared with the Association's pizza makers and fans from all continents.  The event will feature brand ambassadors and great AVPN masters from Italy and around the world in dialogue, as well as communicators, technicians and industry professionals for a great ending that will embrace the complex and fascinating universe of pizza.

The event enjoys the patronage of the Campania Region and the City of Naples and features the participation of world-class partners such as Acunto forni, Caputo, Castello di Solfagnano, Ciao, Cirio, D'Amico, Del Prete legnami, Effeuno, Gargiulo Aspirazioni, Gi.Metal, GLDM, Goeldlin Collection, Fritturista, InPact, Italiana Assicurazioni Agorass, Izzo Forni, Kbirr Napoli, La Fiammante, La Valle, Latteria Sorrentina, Manna forni, Marana forni, Molino Bongiovanni, Molino Spadoni, Nims Lavazza, Nutras - LactoSolution, Ooni, Resto Italia, Robo, Rovagnati, Salumificio MEC Palmieri, San Benedetto, Solania, Stefano Ferrara forni, Sunmix, Unicredit, Woody Briketts, alphabetically.

Technical partners of the initiative are AIS Campania, Andromeda E20, Jungle Juice ADV, MG Logos, Raffaele Costigliola Design and Sokan Communication.


A True Pairing

Saturday 29 - A Start in Delicacy: seafood pizzas

Sunday 30 - Elegance and Complexity: the Vegetable pizzas

Monday 1 - A Sparkling Experience: the Fried Pizzas

Tuesday 2 - A Synergy of Flavors: the Great Classics

from 8 p.m.

at AVPN Via Capodimonte, 19a

Pizzaiolo for a Day

Saturday, July 29 to Tuesday, July 2,

10 a.m. to 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

at AVPN Via Capodimonte, 19a

A True Story

Wednesday, July 3, from 10 a.m.

at the Pietrarsa National Railway Museum

Info and reservations at https://40.avpn.it/en

Monday 10 June 2024

AVPN Approved Suppliers

Molino Quaglia
Denti Flours
Ciao Pomodoro
Izzo Forni
Salumificio MEC Palmieri
Ferrara Forni
Hot Dry Delivery
La Fiammante
Minas Forno
Flo.it - Woody Briketts
Goeldlin Collection
Matese Funghi
Fritturista - Oleificio Zucchi
Molini Bongiovanni
Del Prete Legnami
MP Forni
Resto Italia
Molino Spadoni
Molino Iaquone
Manna Forni
Forno Santo
Napoli Caffè
San Benedetto
Agugiaro - 5 Stagioni
GLDM Food Concept
International Pizza Expo
Molino Piantoni
Marana Forni
Di Vicino Forni
Gianni Acunto Ovens
Rega - Strianese
La Valle
Castello di Solfagnano
Robo - D'Amico
Molini Fagioli
Marra Forni
Farinera Coromina
Latteria Sorrentina
Jungle Juice
Molino Naldoni
Frießinger Mühle
MAM Forni
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