Less than a month to the Convention in Naples. All details to attend it and the scheduled programme
From the 3rd to the 5th of July 2012 at the Città della Scienza.
The countdown has started for the first international convention that the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association has planned in Naples, from the 3rd to the 5th of July 2012, in the beautiful location of the Città della Scienza. Workshops, samplings, tasting workshops, the Pizza Olympics and many other surprises have been planned for these three days, it´ll be an important opportunity for the experts to compare their skills and a unique event for pizza chefs and restaurateurs from around the world. And here are the details for taking part to the international competition and the news on the rich programme of the festival.

The "Pizza Napoletana Olympics" will be divided into five disciplines: Classic Pizza (following the old tradition), Fantasy Pizza (the innovation of tradition according to the AVPN regulations), Artistic Pizza, Fried Pizza and Mastunicola (a disk of dough, lard or extra-virgin olive oil, basil, pepper to season the dough). The protagonist of the competition, therefore, will be the Real Neapolitan Pizza, as it is meant by the Neapolitans. The competitors will deal with marinara and margherita pizzas and also with other types of pizzas, by using ingredients that are not in conflict with the Neapolitan gastronomy´s rules. And for the first time the competition will start from the preparation of the dough made by hand.
Both individual participants and countries will be awarded. The nation that eventually will get the highest score in the various disciplines will win the Olympics.
To enter the contest you must send the form to: segreteriaolimpiadi@pizzanapoletana.net or by fax at 081 4201205.
For all the information you can contact the AVPN staff at 081 4201205.

PROGRAMME (in progress)

Tuesday, July 3rd: "Yeast and Ferments"
h. 15.00 - presentation of the convention and a meeting to explain the agenda
h. 15.30 – turning on the Olympic ovens
h. 15.50 - seminar on the handmade dough
h. 16.30 - company workshops
h. 17.00 - seminar on leavening, in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples
h. 17.30 - Master of food pizza by Slow Food
h. 16.00 to 20.00 - beginning of the agenda and shifts for handmade kneading
h. 19.00 - AIS Seminar "Bubbles and fried pizza"

Wednesday, July 4th: "The five elements"
h. 08.00 - first shifts for the handmade kneading
h. 11.00 - start of the competition and categories evaluation: "Classic Pizza", "Fantasy Pizza" and "Mastunicola"
afternoon - Seminars and workshops by the participating companies. Master courses organized by Slow Food and tasting and courses on the pizza and wine combination by the Italian Sommelier Association
h. 18.00 to h. 20.00 - beginning of the agenda and shifts for the handmade kneading of "Fried Pizza" and "Artistic Pizza"
Free evening

Thursday, July 5th: "The senses"
h. 09.00 - start of the competition and "Fried Pizza" and " Artistic Pizza" evaluation
h. 14.00 - Buffet and Pizza
h. 16.00 - international meeting and AVPN convention, the constitution of the Federation of the Italian Associations of the pizza world
h. 20.00 - "Pizza with the Stars"
Friday, July 6th (optional)
Cultural visit to the old town centre of Naples

The AVPN has stipulated a series of agreements with some of the hotels in the city, in order to facilitate the participants in organizing their stay in Naples in the days of the convention.

Hotel Leopardi***
Piazza Pilastri, 12
tel: 081 081-5933711

Hotel Villa Maria
Via Nuova Agnano, 37
tel. 081 5704041

Hotel Nuvò (ex Nesis)****
Via Nuova Agnano, 5
tel 081 19 566 566

American Hotel****
Via Antiniana, 15
tel. 0815706529

Montespina Park Hotel****
Via San Gennaro, 2
tel. 0817629687
Sunday 17 June 2012

AVPN Approved Suppliers

Marra Forni
Ferrara Forni
Marana Forni
La Valle
Forno Santo
Molini Bongiovanni
Gerardo Di Nola
Di Vicino Forni
Manna Forni
 Del Prete Legnami
Molino Quaglia
Agugiaro - 5 Stagioni
Dalla Giovanna
Acunto Ovens
Latteria Sorrentina
Molino Iaquone
Denti Flours
Molino Piantoni
Il Faggetto SITTA
Ciao Pomodoro
La Fiammante
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