Salone del Gusto: Pizza takes a starring role!

A unique event, one of the most important events dedicated to food in the world: the Salone del Gusto in Turin, which this year merges with Terra Madre, is a real celebration for foodies. This year pizza is one of the main protagonists of the event, thanks to the Piazza della Pizza, attended with enthusiasm by AVPN too.

Wood-fired ovens on, sacks of flour, baskets of San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella tempting dishes and products from the Slow Food Presidia: in the tasty square they churn out incessantly, by alternating tastings to seminars.
But now, let's see in detail what will be the activities of AVPN and his tireless Maestri pizzaioli. (for days and times:
The pizza heart & Soul.
The master pizza maker Alfredo Folliero is known for his travels to the four corners of the world to promote and protect the true Neapolitan pizza. He takes part in many trade fairs, faithfully repeats the motto (and name) of the restaurant he runs in Anzio, Member of The True Neapolitan Pizza Association since 1993: love and passion for the true Neapolitan pizza. Paired with Pedavena Superior Beer.
The pizza Professor.
Dough kneaded by hand, the old-fashioned way, rising for at least six hours and cooking in wood-fired oven make a little but well-known restaurant in the center of Caiazzo (CE), a happy spot for strengthen where there´s always a line. Franco Pepe's pizzas are made with products that you not only know the origin, but whose producers have a trusting relationship strengthened over the years. House specialty: the Old curly endive pizza that looks like a masterpiece of taste and simplicity. The pizzas proposed will be paired with the Franciacorta by Contadi Castaldi wine cellar of Adro (BS).
Mister Pizza
even though in the province of Milan, Corrado Scaglione succeeded to win a prestigious award in 2011 related to the true Neapolitan pizza. On his restaurant website you can read about his choice to cook the best traditional pizzas with 00 flour, water, olive Oil, yeast and salt for the dough. The other ingredients? Discover them in the Piazza! Paired with Pedavena Superior Beer.
Akio Nishikawa, delegate AVPN in Japan, will encounter the audience of The Salone to illustrate through his pizzas, the reasons why the Nippon pizza makers won so many medals during the Olympics of Verace Pizza Napoletana. Paired with Pedavena Superior Beer.
The Importance of Being Surace
Paolo Surace belongs to the family that took over and has today the Burden (and honor) of representing the old Pizzeria Mattozzi in Piazza Carità. Paolo however, has its noble ancestries in a "Pizzesco" way, he is in fact the son of Lello Surace, who in 1984 founded Vincenzo Pace The True Neapolitan Pizza Association. The one we meet is not just a name, but a guarantee.
The Island of pizza
He inaugurated the Piazza della Pizza of Cheese 2011. Given the appreciation received, he could not miss the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre. Roberto Di Massa is originally from Ischia and brought a piece of his green island to the city of Bologna, opening a pizzeria which is part of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association circuit. Paired with Pedavena Superior Beer.
If you say pizza in Turin ...
Sometimes success is directly proportional to the dedication toward a project. Such is the case of Walter Picariello, founder of Pizzeria Gennaro Esposito, a historical stronghold of the Neapolitan pizza in the heart of Turin. The time has proved him right, and so he requires no great introductions: you just have to, come and (re) discover this amazing confirmation! Paired with Pedavena Superior Beer.
So Vuolo!
Loved by foodbloggers and revered by the common people Guglielmo Vuolo is one of the most popular names of the Neapolitan tradition. Among his creations, pizza with parmigiana di melanzane and the recent Genovesa, a sumptuous sauce where onion, mozzarella and strips of meat, are enhanced and rejoice. Paired with Pedavena Superior Beer.
The Neapolitan pizza is Salv ... o
The three watchwords of the true Neapolitan pizza? Soft, smooth and digestible. Thus says Ciro Salvo, pizza maker by birth and vocation. According to Ciro now is the time when pizza, people´s food, Intersects with other products of the popular tradition and that means that "we are growing, we are improving, we´re making history." Paired with Pedavena Superior Beer.
In the heart of Naples
He bears his Grandfather´s name, the one who founded in 1938, the pizzeria in Pignasecca an old market area in the heart of Naples,. Attilio Bachetti belongs to the new generation of pizza makers who are proud to carry on their shoulders the Burden and Honor of the past. Simple and sophisticated at the same time his pizzas talk about Naples, its excellent food and its extraordinary culinary skills. Paired with Pedavena Superior Beer.
A piece of Naples at the foot of Monviso
Domenico Martucci comes from an Old tradition of what we call "Arte Bianca", until in 2004 he discovers hi passion for pizza. The lucky encounter with Gennaro Esposito (Walter Picariello) allows him to learn in the best way what would have become his vocation. In his restaurant you will find the best combination of flavors, in accordance with the great Neapolitan tradition of which he is an ambassador in the Langhe. Paired with Pedavena Superior Beer.
Friday 26 October 2012

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