Interview with Gianpaolo Cono the first artist "Friend of the True Neapolitan Pizza"
"Pizza? It's a synonym of joy "

He's the first artist that joins our Club of Friends of the True Neapolitan Pizza and his adhesion could never be more immediate and necessary. Gianpaolo Cone, artist and shoes designer, has always had a great passion for the Neapolitan pizza, an interest and a hobby that perhaps will become a professional commitment in the near future. Cono is working to propose a logo for the merchandising of our community and we thought to let you know him, by a brief interview.
Gianpaolo, what do you think about the project of the Club of the True Neapolitan Pizza Friends?
It is a very good initiative. I am often abroad for exhibitions and as soon as people understand I come from Naples, they ask me if I can make pizza and if I'm able to prepare it. A project that would bring even more people near the world of pizza can only be welcomed.
So you learned how to make pizza?
Absolutely yes. My teacher was Salvatore Santucci (the owner of the pizzeria Toto' Sapori di Quarto). He turned me into a real pizza maker. I have a project and a dream: opening a pizzeria as soon as possible with my partner.
What's your specialty?
The pizza marinara made with date tomatoes, wild oregano and olive oil, slightly fruity. And on the table there must necessarily be a good piedirosso dei Campi Flegrei.
How did your passion for the Neapolitan pizza start?
I think the relationship between art and cuisine is very interesting and it is something that has always existed and that should be valued more. In France, I noticed, there is an increasing attention about this.
In your opinion, what is the secret of the Neapolitan pizza, of its success all over the world?
I believe that, beyond the undeniable quality and the unique taste, the success of the pizza is also linked to a social factor. When you invite a person to eat a pizza, you immediately get a new friend. Sometimes you sit at the dinner table angry, but suddenly problems disappear. In short, the pizza is synonymous of joy.
Monday 14 January 2013

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