Hot Dry Delivery

Hot Dry Delivery Box

There are 5 main features of our box, and no detail has been left to chance.

Anti-condensation. Thanks to the micro-holes present in the inner part of the cardboard, the box turns into a cushion of hot air that prevents the formation of condensation.

Heat retention. The thermal insulation is increased by the thicker cardboard, so the pizzas maintain their temperature for longer.

Anti-collapse structure. We use 80% denser paper and an American closure to give better resistance to tearing and compression.

Advertising clip. Use it to deliver your advertising, your menu, or simply to hold the order sheet. Use the clip cut into the cardboard: smart and elegant.

Eco-friendly product. We care about nature and health. That's why the box is made of pure unbleached cellulose. You can throw it in paper recycling (if clean) or compost (if dirty).

In addition to these primary aspects, there are other important ones.

The box is designed to work well with car and scooter ovens and indoor maintainers (the other 2 links in the hot chain).

The holes placed at the top of the box and the internal fins minimize the possibility of dripping.

Hot Dry Delivery Box

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