MAM Forni

The professional wood and gas Oven M.A.M

Experimentation and collaboration with Neapolitan master pizza makers has led us to develop an oven that both wood and gas fires respects the cooking standards required by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

The exclusive MAM refractory mixture used to build our ovens allows for homogeneous and long-lasting cooking.

We can supply the oven either already assembled or that can be assembled directly on the customer's site.


Wood oven

Thanks to its high insulation and heat transmittance (allowed by our special mix) it allows long-lasting cooking of all types of pizzas, with reduced wood consumption.


Gas oven

Thanks to the burner internally developed for our ovens, (also available with touch screen panel control) we obtained the same cooking result of the wood-burning ovens. This was possible exploiting the simplicity of the gas system going down, and eliminating the soot of combustion.

The professional wood and gas Oven M.A.M

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