Flours Pizza


Pizzas made with Dallagiovanna flours are fragrant, tasty, crisp, and are perfect for modern processes and technologies. Molino's production policy puts quality before quantity and adapts techniques which yield natural, unstressed blends.
Alongside the traditional process for cleaning the wheat – to ensure better quality milling – there are strict guidelines for milling the grains, to avoid over-heating the grains and maintain their organoleptic properties.
At the same time, the flours are ideal for modern techniques, such as the cold rise method, without the chemical and physical properties being altered.

SPECIAL WHEAT FLOUR FOR PIZZA NAPOLETANA A result of almost two hundred years of art, expertise and passion, this is the perfect flour to bring out the excellent characteristics of Neapolitan Pizza: the charred, bubbly outer crust, the soft succulence and the flavours of the finest ingredients in the world.

Flours Pizza

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