Del Prete Legnami


Our wood can be supplied by traditional working and cutting process or as requested by our clients:

Split firewood
Split firewood has an irregular form and is a kind of exhausted. It can be easier to light, but it doesn't burn in a regular way. This cut is most of all used for fireplaces and it's used for some kind of ovens. This cut is available for all kind of wood we treat.

Sawn firewood
As sawn firewood has a regular form and as it is more solid it lights and burns in a more regular way than split firewood. Many users like this kind of cut most, because it makes them manage the ovens in a better way. Moreover it can be stocked in order and it needs less stocking place. This characteristics make sawn firewood the best choice for pizza makers. Sawn firewood is available in beech wood and oak wood.

Square wood blocks without bark
Regular sawn beech wood batons without bark. This wood is the best choice for ovens because of it's low smoke production. Available in practical cardboard boxes of 220 square centimeters. 

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