Lactosolution 5000

Lactosolution 15000 is an enzyme supplement designed to help lactose-intolerant people digest lactose without discomfort. Each tablet contains 15,000 FCC units of lactase enzyme derived from Aspergillus Oryzae, which breaks down lactose into simple sugars, eliminating symptoms such as bloating, cramping and diarrhoea.

One of Nutras SRL's key innovations with Lactosolution 15000 is the single-dose format, designed specifically for the Horeca world (hotels, restaurants, cafés). This format is packaged in single sachets that can be easily distributed in catering outlets. For consumers, it provides an effective solution for lactose digestion always at hand, increasing confidence and satisfaction in consuming dairy products away from home.

For Horeca business owners, Lactosolution 15000 in single-serve format represents an added value to offer lactose intolerant customers, enhancing customer service, increasing loyalty and differentiating from the competition. It also eliminates the need to handle large quantities of product, simplifying logistics and reducing operating costs.

In summary, Lactosolution 15000 in single-serve format meets the needs of lactose intolerant customers and offers a competitive advantage to Horeca businesses by improving accessibility and convenience of the product.

Lactosolution 5000

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