Training Vera Pizza

Training Vera Pizza

The Training Vera Pizza is for everyone who wants to learn the real act about the true Neapolitan Pizza and it is especial y for everyone who has never been a pizza maker rather than for someone that has already got a minimum Knowledge about this experience, as well as for business man who are interested in investing in a Neapolitan Pizzeria. It is mainly a practical training, but our students have to learn all the main theoretical aspects about the realization of a Neapoitan pizza and the knowledge of the ingredients as well. The training is in Italian language, but you can ask for a language assistant that simultaneously translate for you application for the training.

Duration Training:
60 HOURS, divided in: 46 hours of Laboratory-School and 14 hours of Theory.
N. of partecipants:
min 4/max 10;

€ 1.800,00
(Taxes and HACCP Certification included)

Advanced training

The course is developed with the aim of perfecting and deepening the True Neapolitan pizza. It is aimed at those who have already attended the basic course or who already have proven basic knowledge and want to deepen other technical aspects.
The course will be divided into different phases that will range from the simultaneous preparation and cooking of more complex pizzas, to the development of gluten-free pizza, to the world of yeast and leavening procedures with sourdoughs and finally to a unique Neapolitan frying method course.

In detail:
2 days of Gluten Free Pizza Course
2 days of Baker Course
3 days of Sourdough Masterclass
2 days of “Neapolitan Friggitoria”
+ an advanced online course chosen by the participant

72 HOURS of Laboratory-School
N. of participants:
min 2/max 10

€ 1250,00
(Taxes included)

Extra training

The Extra Training is either for everyone who has just attended the training Vera Pizza or who wants to improve the Neapolitan technique. This intensive training of 5 days deals with the improvement of Margherita and Marinara pizza’ s technique of baking (more pizza in the wood oven), the preparation of vegetables, and last but not least the making and control of more complex pizzas with special attention to the calzoni.

30 HOURS of Laboratory-School
N. of participants:
min 2/max 10;

€ 500,00
(Taxes included)

From Monday 17 October 2022
to Wednesday 26 October 2022
From Monday 07 November 2022
to Wednesday 16 November 2022
From Monday 09 January 2023
to Wednesday 18 January 2023
From Monday 06 February 2023
to Wednesday 15 February 2023
From Monday 06 March 2023
to Wednesday 15 March 2023
From Monday 08 May 2023
to Wednesday 17 May 2023
From Monday 05 June 2023
to Wednesday 14 June 2023
From Monday 03 July 2023
to Wednesday 12 July 2023
From Monday 24 July 2023
to Wednesday 02 August 2023
From Monday 04 September 2023
to Wednesday 13 September 2023
From Monday 25 September 2023
to Wednesday 04 October 2023
From Monday 16 October 2023
to Wednesday 25 October 2023
From Monday 06 November 2023
to Wednesday 15 November 2023
From Monday 27 November 2023
to Wednesday 06 December 2023
Costs of the room inside AVPN Campus
Single Room € 47,00 for night
Double Room € 85,00 for night


The purpose of this Training is to give the essential notions to start a qualified working activity and learning the Neapolitan technique.

The Training lasts 60 hours and is organized as follows:

a) Theory (14 hours)
  • Historical background and introduction of Neapolitan pizza;
  • Different methods of leavening, maturation, and fermentation of pizza dough;
  • A study about main ingredients of Neapolitan pizza: water, flour, yeast, salt, tomato, mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil.;
  • Baking and building techniques of wood and gas oven.
b) Laboratory-School (46 hours)

All the practical lessons will be held by an expert AVPN's pizza maker, in the new laboratory of Capodimonte equipped with 3 wood ovens, 2 gas ovens and other modern equipment. Training program is organized as follows:

  • Preparation of pizza dough with hands and kneader;
  • Mold preparation;
  • Pizza dough's handling and its condiment;
  • Baking's difference with various temperature and result's analysis;
  • Oven functions: ignition, use of baker's shoved and baking techniques;
  • Learning how to bake according to preferable temperature;
  • Cleaning tools.
c) Certificate of attendance and final exam

At the end of the course will be given a certificate of attendance which attest the participation of the intensive training lasted 60hours about real Neapolitan pizza. The certificate is private and include the score obtained in the final exam taken by applicants. Final exam consists of a practical-theoretical test about the preparation of the two Neapolitan pizza: margherita and marinara.

AVPN Work uniform:

4 t-shirts, 2 pants, 2 neckerchieves, 2 aprons, 2 hats, 1 back-pack, 1 handbook.

AVPN Approved Suppliers

Molini Fagioli
Ferrara Forni
La Valle
Acunto Ovens
Latteria Sorrentina
International Pizza Expo
Del Prete Legnami
Il Faggetto SITTA
Manna Forni
Minas Forno
Marana Forni
Denti Flours
La Fiammante
Marra Forni
Forno Santo
Molino Piantoni
Napoli Caffè
Izzo Forni
Molino Iaquone - Woody Briketts
Ciao Pomodoro
Agugiaro - 5 Stagioni
Molino Casillo
Di Vicino Forni
Jungle Juice
Molino Quaglia
Molini Bongiovanni
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