MP Forni


"Knowing how to innovate in Tradition"

An electric dome oven with the same capacity as a traditional Neapolitan oven, ideal for cooking real Neapolitan pizza, designed to reach temperatures above 530 ºC.

A combination of Tradition and Innovation. The tradition is present in its being an artisan oven with cooking chamber completely in refractory, moreover the resistances of the dome to sight of 16 mm, allow a distribution of the heat for irradiation like the traditional wood oven. The innovation is in the diamond-shaped design, suitable to furnish and enhance your room, customizable in different colors and equipped with a 7-inch Touch control panel, easy to use, menu' customizable up to 100 recipes and Wifi module on request. Separate management of stalls and sky for both power and temperature.

Designed and built by Mp Forni staff within the company itself, which offers any type of processing thanks to the different numerical control machines that allow a reduction in waiting times.


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