"The Traditional Art of the Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo is recognized as part of the cultural heritage of humanity, transmitted from generation to generation and continuously recreated, able to provide the community with a sense of identity and continuity and to promote respect for cultural diversity and human creativity. "With these wonderful words, UNESCO recognizes and celebrates the greatness of a true form of art, that of the Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo, which since 2017 is among the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. And this greatness lies not only in the manual skills of the Master Pizzaiuolo but also and above all in the cultural, historical and identity value of the True Neapolitan Pizza.

We at AVPN are proud to be able to say that part of this historic recognition is the result of our commitment and dedication to protecting and safeguarding Neapolitan Pizza in Italy and around the world since 1984; We did it first of all by defining a rigorous production specification, and we continue to do so by training competitions and national and international initiatives.

But this year we wanted to do something even grander.. We have given our Intangible Heritage a "material" dimension, through the Celebratory Work of the True Neapolitan Pizza and the Art of the Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo, a tangible sign that will last forever, as well as the first monument entirely dedicated to a typical dish. And it was a real honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with an artist of the caliber of Maestro Lello Esposito for the realization of the work. Lello is the son of Naples, and Naples has given him all its beauty and its innumerable symbols so that Espositovi consecrate all his incredible creativity in his pictorial and sculptural masterpieces. No one better than him could therefore give life to a monument so full of symbolism and meaning for Naples, which is recognized all over the world as the cradle of pizza.

As AVPN, we wanted to create such an important work, directly and thanks to the contribution of affiliated pizzerias around the world, which will be visible through a QR code on the monument; a sign of gratitude for the master pizza makers who are the real protagonists of the journey made so far and that we are sure the City of Naples will be able to welcome one of its wonderful squares where tourists can take their selfies with the most beautiful pizza in the world.

Antonio Pace, Massimo Di Porzio e Paolo Surace


"Carve your name out of history with a donation"

2021, Bronze and lava stone

A large bronze disc, the iconic form of pizza, one of the most popular and appreciated Italian foods in the world.

An irregular roundness that reveals, with its jagged shape, the traces of an artistic manipulation in the sculptural matter.

Lines, signs, reliefs and endorsements are the memory of the movements of the hands of the sculptor who moulds and imprints in the metal the representation of the wise gestures of the Neapolitan pizza makers: another art form, secular expression of genius, of the passion and dedication that are the basis of the preparation of this food.

The background color of the sculpture is a clear reference to the red of the tomato, pleasant eruption of taste, that it recalls to the palate and the mind that Vesuvius on whose slopes this ultracentenaria history of taste has been born.

At the center of the work are carved four basil leaves that, arranged like a four-leaf clover and the color "green hope", assume symbolic value of good luck and positivity.

On its surface, 12 metal sheets embossed with golden patina, are visual reminder of the "White Gold" of Campania: mozzarella, another essential ingredient in the canonical preparation of pizza.

The twelve is not a random number, but a precise reference of the artist to the number of months of the year and the hours antimeridiane and sundials that are counted in a day: symbol of a time to devote to conviviality and the pleasure of enjoying good food.

The pizza, represented in an imposing sculpture of 2 meters in diameter, leaves the usual horizontal plane for a "verticalism" that translates into a monumental vision of this icon of taste, Over the years it has become a symbol of culinary excellence at a global level.

A monument to Napoletanity and good food, symbolic and tangible work of the UNESCO recognition of 2017 that recognized as intangible heritage of humanity "the traditional art of the Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo".


Lello Esposito

Sculptor and painter, Lello Esposito focuses his research on the relation between contemporary art and tradition, by conceiving and re-elaborating the symbols of Neapolitan culture: Pulcinella, the mask, the egg, the skull, the volcano, San Gennaro and the horn, at various stages of metamorphosis.

Internationally renown for his work on archetypes, symbols and cultural imagination of the City of Naples, Lello Esposito likes to define himself as a “cult artist”, referring to his personal research and experimentation which, over his long career, led him to significantly contribute to the creation of new interpretativeand representative forms of traditional Neapolitan icons.

The artist’s studio is located at Palazzo Sansevero, in what once was Raimondo di Sangro’s workshop, while the atelier is located in the old stables of the same historical building.

Lello Esposito’s works have been exhibited in a number of personal and collective exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, and his works are part of national and international, private and public collections.


il Canale Giuseppe Farruggio
"ZiZi Takumi Minato"
'A Fenestella Anzai Takaya Delegato Internazionale Giappone
+39 di Luca Di Massa Luca Di Massa Brand Ambassador Emilia Romagna
400 Gradi Johnny Di Francesco Delegato Australasia
50 Kalò Ciro Salvo
50 Kalò Londra Ciro Salvo
A16 Rockridge Nate Johnson
A16 San Francisco Nate Johnson
Acquaefarina Klaus Palumbo Brand Ambassador Trentino Alto Adige
Addis Abeba Piccolo Fondatore
Al Borgo Mattero Rocco Luigi
Alberobello Tetsuya Akiyama
Alfredo Fico Jr Pizzaiolo Verace
Amalfi Pizza Greg Grant & Stephen De Hann
Amici Fujita Akeo
Amici trattoria e Pizzeria Josè Antonio Bressani
Amici Yuji Ota
Ammasciata Luca Tudda Brand Ambassador Calabria Tirrenica
Andrea Cosco Pizzaiolo Verace
Angelina's Shofuken Amiri-Fusco
Anna Domenico e Maria Carmela Scola Brand Ambassador Pizza Senza Glutine
Antica Hostaria Massa Michele Della Rocca
Antica Napoli Pizzeria Ciro Damiano
Antica Pizzeria "L'Asinello" Kyosuke Ohge
Antica Pizzeria Dal 1957 Gaetano Luciano
Antonia Ricciardi Brand Ambassador Spagna
Antonio Pace Fondatore Presidente
APizza di Napoli Cliff Garzillo
Ardente Jose Jarero
Aroma Del Sole ADS - Takehisa Kaneko
Artisan Pizza Napoletana Jürgen Beck & Indra Webster
Aurora Napolitano Staff
Baco Pizzeria Gil Guimaraes Delegato Internazionale Brasile
Basil & Barley Roberto Calcagno
Basta Alexander Guarino
Battil'oro Gennaro Battiloro Brand Ambassador Toscana
Bella Napoli Acerra Vincenzo Di Fiore
Benvenuti al Sud Fusco Mirko
Benvenuti al Sud Lusciano Fusco Danilo
Birdland Manabu Odawara Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Blu Maria Carlos Recalde Moreno
Brick Fire Tavern Matthew Resichv
Buganville Tetsuya Akiyama
Ca Momi Dario De Conti
Cafasso Stefano e Ugo Cafasso
Campanile Matsui Kou
Capasso Fam. Capasso
Carmnella Vincenzo Esposito
Cavallino Farah Leisure Parks Management L.L.C.
CERVO Cervo - Minoru Higashijima
Cesari Chisato Hotta
Checco Pizza Francesco Checco Cassiano Brand Ambassador Puglia
Ciao Osteria Antonino Di Nicola
Ciao Pizzeria Napoletana Gabriel Rossi Delegato Internazionale Brasile
Ciro & Sons srl Vincenzo Urbano
Ciro Fornito Fondatore
Coda Di Volpe Christopher Thompson
Cornuto Mike Mc Connell
Cos' e Pazz Checco De Simone Brand Ambassador Calabria Ionica
Cotto Andy Mollica
Crust Guam Brian Artero
Crust Vienna Farhad Bazzar
Da Attilio Attilio Bachetti
Da Fulvio Fulvio Belfiore
Da Gaetano Gaetano Fazio
Da Gino Okitsu Ken
Da Hachi Taichiro Yaoya
Da Mario David A. Cowdrill
da Zio Alfonso Vincenzo Canzanella
Da Zuzu Azuma Daisuke - Azuma Kenji
Dante F.lli De Vito
Dante Fam. De Vito
De Vito Fondatore
Di Fiore Acerra Vincenzo Di Fiore
Doppio Zero - Mountain View Gianni Chiloiro
Doppio Zero SF Gianni Chiloiro
E Io Pago Donato Vinciguerra
Echi Ponte Vecchio Felice Mangiando PV - Since 1986
Emilia Iossa Fondatore
Enosteria Lipen Corrado Scaglione Brand Ambassador Milano, Monza e Brianza
Enzo Esposito Pizzaiolo Verace
Ernesto Fico Pizzaiolo Verace
F.lli La Cozza Piero Chiambretti, Carlo e Giulio Ferrari
Fam. Agoglia Fondatore
Fam. Capobianco Fondatore
Fam. Marino Fondatore
Fandango Salvatore Gatta Brand Ambassador Basilicata
Felix Fukuma Hideki
Flour House Alberto Russo
Forentum Savino Di Noia
Foretti's Pirozzi Corona Del Mar Alessandro Pirozzi
Forni Rossi 777 Piotr Smieszek
Forni Rossi Marcin Garbowski Brand Ambassador Polonia
Forno Rosso Nick Nitti Fiduciario USA
Fortuna Pace Staff
Francesco Saverio Schirillo Brand Ambassador Svizzera
Fuoco Tullio Ceccarelli
Gaetano Esposito Pizzaiolo Verace
Gaetano Genovesi Gaetano Genovesi
Gennaro Langella Pizzaiolo Verace
Gianluca Liccardo Staff
Gigi Pizzeria Marco Matino
Giuseppe Caravelli Staff
Giuseppe Di Girolamo Staff
Gold of Naples Marcus Kaufmann
Gorizia 1962 Antonio Grasso
Guillaume Grasso Guillaume Grasso Brand Ambassador Francia
Happy Hours Salvatore Lucci
Harry's Proibition Bistro Harry Ljatifovski
Icaro Nakanishi Hikaru
Igen Nòra Vido
Il Babbà Giuseppe Cravero Brand Ambassador Lazio
Il Lazzarone Eric Borger
Il Pizzaiolo Ronald Molinaro
Il Ritrovo Stefano Viglietti
Il Ritrovo Yoshiyuki Okazaki
Il Sol Levante Tenkumaru - Masamitu Nosaki
Il Sole Rosso Yasuyuki Nakanishi Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Il Sole Ten-3 Gruppo Il Sole
Jootopia Jumin Ahn
La Base Pizza Weesp Sidney Diesktra
La Dragonara Fam. Illiano
La Fattoria Giuliano Bucci Brand Ambassador Abruzzo
La Fontana Daniel Grzywnowicz
La Pala Shoj Shimoda
La Piccola Tavola Haruto Hashizume
La Pietra Azzurra Michele Croccia
La Pizza Fresca Brad Bonnewell
La Porta Blu Tomomitsu Sakai
La Rosetta Famiglia Scerrato
La Terrazza Mediglia Patrizio Daniele
La Terrazza San Giuliano Antonio Daniele
Leggera Pizza Napoletana Andrè Nevoso Guidon Delegato Internazionale Brasile
Lello Surace Fondatore
Lucio Pizzeria Lucio De Falco Delegato Australasia
Luigi Lombardi Fondatore
Luigi Stentardo Fondatore
Magazzino Avail - Masahiro Noda
Malafemmena Emanuele Cirillo
Mamma Rossella Farah Leisure Parks Management L.L.C.
Marco Cello Brand Ambassador Venezuela e Florida
Marco's Coal Fired Marc Dym
Maria Yutaka Ogawa
Marinato Trieste Nicola Taglialatela Brand Ambassador Friuli Venezia Giulia
Mast Marco Caputo
Mattozzi a Piazza Carità Paolo Surace Segretario Generale
Meanwhile in Belfast Alessandro Scelsi
Mediterraneo Pizza Grill Salvatore Scotto D'Abbusco
Menomale Ettore Rusciano Fiduciario USA
Mercantina Bistrò 37 Paulo Antunes
Mercantina Italia Passione, LDA
Na'Verace Orazio Speranza Brand Ambassador Grecia
Nando Lombardi Fondatore
Naples 15 Salvatore Di Scala
Napoletana Pizzeria Kostantin Eleftheriadis
Napoli Yamamoto Yoshikazu
Napolita Joshua E. Schonfeld
Nappo Group Ozgur Kilinclar Brand Ambassador Turchia
Napule è Dottesio Katiuscia Coppola
Napule è lago Antonio Coppola
Napule è Milano Ciro Coppola Brand Ambassador Lombardia
Napulè Kiev Giuseppe Irollo
Napule Pizzeria Napoletana Efe Mermer
Nicli Antica Pizzeria Bill Mc Caig
Nodo Yasuhiro Kitamura
Nolio Michal Gostylla
Oak Fired Paul Jackson
Officine del Cibo Giacomo Devoto Brand Ambassador Liguria Riviera di Levante
Ohsaki 2 Roppongi Masaharu
Orso Bertrand Chemel
Papà Fredo Fredo Boubessla e Faiza Bougheraba
Papè Satan Marco Leone Brand Ambassador Sardegna
Parkers Restaurant & Bar Patrick Mc Laughlin
Partenope Ebisu Fresh Food Service Co., Ltd
Partenope Ristorante Dino Santonicola Fiduciario USA
Pasquale Parziale Pizzaiolo Verace
Pasquale's Pasquale Illiano Fiduciario USA
Passo Avanti Fujii Shinya
Pepe in Grani Franco Pepe
Peperino Group Nicola Taglialatela
Peppe Miele Delegato USA-Canada
Per Bacco Domenico Martucci Brand Ambassador Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta
Per Te Suzukawa Mitsutaka Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Pergola Carmine D'Elia Brand Ambassador Germania
Peter Surace Staff
Piano Inhyuck Cho
Piatto Charlottetown Brian Vallis
Piatto Halifax Brian Vallis
Piatto Saint John's Downtown Brian Vallis
Piatto Saint John's Midtown Brian Vallis
Pie'za Canada Maurizio Cesta
Pieous Joshua Kaner
Pitta 00 Ikspiari Co., Ltd
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Pizza Riva Takanori Ooka
Pizza Verde Matsumoto Gomi Yasuo
Pizzaplex Alessandra Carreon
Pizzeria "Con Cuore" Shota Ono
Pizzeria "Da Compagno" Hideo Hamada
Pizzeria "Da Maki" Shu Makita
Pizzeria "La Ginestra" Norihide Yoshitake
Pizzeria 1926 Rosario Sartore
Pizzeria 21 Shin Iizuka
Pizzeria 22 Cary Kemp
Pizzeria 99 Koichi Wada
Pizzeria Azzurri Kozaki Tetsuya Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Pizzeria Beatrice Hirotaka Tsuda
Pizzeria Bel Gioco Akitake Kawamura
Pizzeria CA PO LI Matsui Atsushi
Pizzeria Chiacchierone Ryuta Shino Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Pizzeria Ciro "Higashi-Nakano" Acro Table S.p.A.
Pizzeria Ciro "Sakura-shimmachi" Acro Table S.p.A.
Pizzeria da Ciruzzo Horisaka Hiroshi
Pizzeria Da Gaetano Fukuoka Tomohide Shitama Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Pizzeria da Masaniello Komatsu Masakazu
Pizzeria Dal Segno II Junji Suzuki
Pizzeria del Tennis Salvatore Nicotra Brand Ambassador Liguria Riviera di Ponente
Pizzeria del Viale Luigi Teperino
Pizzeria e Osteria PADRINO Toru Mitsuhashi
Pizzeria e Trattoria da Achiu Atushi Wakahara Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Pizzeria Eigoro Iyomishima Eigoro Mitani
Pizzeria Geco Shibutani Mamoru
Pizzeria GG Kamakura Kuhno Tomoyuzi
Pizzeria GG Kichijyoji Tomoyuki Kohno
Pizzeria Giovanni Grimaldi Giovanni Grimaldi
Pizzeria Hiro Nishimoto Hiroki
Pizzeria l'Ape Hiroshi Hirai
Pizzeria La Gita Takayama Takayoshi
Pizzeria Libretto (Danforth) Max Rimaldi
Pizzeria Libretto (Ossington Max Rimaldi
Pizzeria Lucci Tomita Kouji
Pizzeria Mamma Yutaka Ogawa
Pizzeria Ohsaki Masaharu Roppongi
Pizzeria Onda Manabu Suzuki
Pizzeria Pancia Piena Tetsuya Maekama
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Pizzeria Salina Masaharu Hayashi
Pizzeria Tonino Tokyo Camel Coffee CO. LTD
Pizzeria Trattoria La Cotta Takanori Kobayashi
Pizzeria Verde Ischia Kenji Shoji Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Pizzeria Volare Doowon Chung Brand Ambassador Corea de Sud
Pizzot Aniello Beneduce Brand Ambassador Russia
Pomo Group Stefano Fabbri
Porta Via Giovanni Giosa
Primastrada Group Geoffrey Dallas
Prisco a Palinuro Antonio Prisco
Pulcinella Vince Mottola
Pulcinella Express Umberto Tardocchi Brand Ambassador Umbria
Pupatella Arlington Enzo Agarme
Pupatella Richmond Enzo Agarme
Queen Margherita of Savoy Lee Carrol
Re Carlo Salvatore Lato
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Ribalta Rosario Procino
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Roberto Morotti Pizzaiolo Verace
RORNO Tadahiko Endo
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Sakuragumi Akio Nishikawa
Salvatore Santucci Pizzaiolo Verace
San Giorgio Gino Fazzari Fiduciario USA
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Sciantusi Flavio Palumbo
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Settebello Group Michael Brooks
Sfashion cafe
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Trattoria Pizzeria Allegro Ashiya Hayashi Hidemitsu Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Trattoria Pizzeria Allegro Umeda Hidemitsu Hayashi
Trattoria Pizzeria Appetito Takashi Toda
Tuttabella Group Joe Fugere Fiduciario USA
Tuttabella Group Joe Fugere Fiduciario USA
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Umberto Massimo Di Porzio Vice Presidente
Uwoza Tatsuyuki Hayashi
Vecchia Malga Stefano Chiari
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Verace Pasquale Ponticiello Fiduciario Canada
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Vesuvio Angelo Di Pietro
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Via Tribunali Luca Bertamini
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Vincenzo Pace Fondatore
Vincenzo Piscitelli Pizzaiolo Verace
Vuolo Verona Guglielmo Vuolo Brand Ambassador Campania
What the Crust Dareen Akkad Brand Ambassador Egitto
Yoshida Kengo Delegato Internazionale Giappone
Zecchini Pizza Bancarella Shingo Ohzeki
Zielona Jedrzej Lewandowski

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