Neapolitan Pizza Maker for one day

AVPN - Pizzaiolo Napoletano per un giorno

Discover the True Neapolitan Pizza with our educational workshop designed to make you experience the art of Neapolitan pizzaiuolo, recognized by UNESCO as intangible heritage of humanity. This course is open to tourists of all ages that are visiting Naples.
This event is an exciting journey into the history and culture of the Neapolitan pizza where the participants can live the experience of being a “pizzamaker for a day”.

The 4-hour laboratory is structured in:

  • Welcome with a cup of neapolitan coffee, History of the True Neapolitan Pizza - duration 20’
  • Preparation of the dough of true Neapolitan pizza, discovering of its secrets - duration 90’
  • Team work from stretching to cooking pizza Neapolitan pizza - duration 90’
  • Tasting of true Neapolitan pizza - duration 40’

The experience will be held every day by reservation, from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00.
For requests regarding differen hours, duration or program, send an email to

The rate we offer is € 84,00 for people including non-alcoholic drinks, apron, membership of the club "Friends of the True Neapolitan Pizza" with the its card and the certificate "Pizza maker for one day".
For anti Covid regulations, all the partecipants who must enter with a mask will have their body temperature measured daily. We also ask for a negative RT-PCR molecular test 48 hours prior to arrival to the Association. If you have already been fully vaccinated for more than 14 days, the antigen test is sufficient. Please email a copy of the required anti-covid documentation prior to the course date.

max. 10
4 hours
Adults (since 18 years):
€ 84,00
Guys (from 11 to 17 years):
€ 49,00
Children up to 10 years:
Free but accompanied each by 1 parent

The workshop is in Italian and English.
For groups of at least 6 people in other languages, write to

And not just this! Neapolitan Pizza-maker for one day is also a journey into the Neapolitan tradition.
The tourist could also decide to be accompanied by a guide into our exclusive “Tour of Vera Pizza”, a path into the streets of Naples to discover the historical pizzerias and the amazing gastronomic and cultural heritage that surround them.
The tour is available in Italian and English. The price will be established in relation to the number of participants.
For information write to

AVPN - Corso Pizzaiolo per un giorno - Impasti per la pizza
AVPN - Corso Pizzaiolo per un giorno - Pizza cotta
AVPN - Corso Pizzaiolo per un giorno - Lavorazione degli impasti

A journey inside the Neapolitan Pizza

The workshop is held in the school of the Verace Neapolitan Pizza Association and involves the preparation of pizza with the help of an instructor of the Association that will lead the participants on this interactive journey.

We will leave the civil garments to become pizza chefs with a personalized apron designed for the occasion, we will talk about the "ideal" products, we will prepare the dough by hands to be able to understand the right consistency, will roll the dough on the counter of pizzaiolo and, after having covered it with tomato, Campana buffalo mozzarella, basil and olive oil, the participants will be ready to bake it according to tradition in the old wood-fired pizza oven.
Finally, everyone will eat the result of their work, pizza a portafglio (folded in four).

For the last hour you will enjoy a moment of conviviality as the Neapolitans love, at the table in front of traditional Neapolitan pizzas signed by our instructors.


AVPN - Pizzaiolo per un giorno - Farina per impasto pizza
AVPN - Pizzaiolo per un giorno - Attestato di partecipazione
AVPN - Pizzaiolo per un giorno - Pizza cotta nel forno a legna


Neapolitan pizza maker for one day
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