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From the thirty-year experience of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the AVPN School online was born, an educational project that brings together the best expertise in the pizza field.

The AVPN online school is characterized by the consolidated know-how, the prestige and authoritativeness of the instructors, the interactive theoretical-practical method, the integration with a network of excellence and partnerships with the most important corporate and institutional entities in the sector.

An easy to access digital training that offer training courses:

Professional Basic Training

The intensive training is oriented towards people who want to learn the Neapolitan technique of making pizza.

Professional Advanced Courses

Specific courses oriented towards people who want to improve Neapolitan technique for making pizza.

Amateur Courses

Our "Maestri Pizzaioli" will reveal you many secrets regarding the Neapolitan Pizza in a series of Video Lessons that will make you practice at home and will let you live this passion even more.

29 August 2020
Peter Surace
Discover the secrets to make the "Verace Dough" at home in a two hours interactive virtual lesson

€ 49,00

No date available at the moment
Peter Surace
Descubre los secretos para hacer masa de Verace Pizza en casa en una lección interactiva y en línea de 2 horas

€ 49,00

From 07 to 08 September 2020
Domenico Scola
Learn the processing techniques of gluten-free pizza dough

€ 280,00

From 02 to 04 September 2020
Salvatore De Rinaldi, Enzo Esposito
Learn how to prepare and create fried and battered products.

€ 350,00

From 24 to 26 August 2020
Salvatore De Rinaldi
Learn how to make sourdough and how to manage the dough with this acid mother

€ 350,00

Peter Surace
Learn how to use the italian frying method and discover how to fry Crocchè, Palle di Riso, Fried Polenta and Battered Vegetables

€ 19,00

Peter Surace
Learn how to make at home the traditional Frittatina of Pasta with the help of our Maestri

€ 19,00

Peter Surace
Use the Verace Dough to discover how to prepare the traditional neapolitan Fried Pizza, and also Montanarine e Scugnizielli

€ 19,00

Peter Surace
Discover the secrets of how to make a traditional neapolitan dish, Tortano, with our Maestro

€ 19,00

Enzo Esposito, Gennaro Langella
The well known neapolitan pizza all around the world, such as Margherita, revealed in all its secrets and traditional ingredients

€ 19,00

Enzo Esposito, Gennaro Langella
Make a True Neapolitan Pizza Dough and discover how best to handle the professional spiral mixer

€ 19,00

Peter Surace
Discover out techniques, ingredients and all our secrets to prepare a hand made Verace Dough

€ 19,00

From 31 August to 05 September 2020
Istruttore AVPN
The purpose of this on line Training is to give the essential notions to start a qualified working activity and learning the Neapolitan technique.

€ 890,00

Gennaro Langella
The Laid of the dough is a very important phase during the realization of a real Neapolitan Pizza. Learn the techniques of how best to roll out your dough from our instructor Gaetano Langella and create a unique "crust”.

€ 19,00

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