Valoriani Verace

Many months of preparation, study and design by Valoriani and in close collaboration with the True Neapolitan Pizza Association led to the realization of an ambitious project: the construction of "Valoriani Verace" a professional oven which can be used even only with gas, able to recreate all the technical conditions for the baking of the unique Neapolitan pizza. R.H.S. ( Recycling Heating System ) is the patented system which allows the smokes recovery and utilization, by making them circulate at high temperature underneath the baking surface.

Thanks to the R.H.S. system the floor's temperature is even also in those areas far from the heat source; the combustion is adjustable and consumptions are very low. Moreover the air quality on emissions in the atmosphere is better than the one emitted by the normal ovens in commerce, consequently it's more easily conform to the strict laws on this matter .

VALORIANI VEARCE does not want and cannot replace the skill and creativity of the pizza maker, on the contrary, it enables him to exalt to the maximum his skills. Once again the tradition of VALORIANI matched the most actual market requirements , by bringing out another little, great jewel, produced with the true refractory COTTO in accordance with the company's philosophy but in complete synergy with the most modern technologies and Neapolitan traditions.


Valoriani Igloo

The oven IGLOO is the most classic and historic model of the company Valoriani. It is known for his great versatility also for the baking of Neapolitan pizza and available in 9 sizes. Starting from its basic version with traditional dome shape painted white, can be customized aesthetically on the basis of the necessity of the customer. Tiles covering, central exit, wood or gas fired, these are just some of the features the pizzamaker can decide. Like every Valoriani oven it is 100% Made in Italy and fully built internally to the company, from raw materials to the finished oven. Starting from the best selected refractory clays, with no addition of other materials, it is produced and baked at 1300°C the well-known Valoriani Refractory Cotto baking floor. Also the dome are internally produced with grinded refractory bricks, water and binder. The classic materials of the artisanal tradition are then placed into tailor-made molds of auto-supporting sections. The result is to speed up the assembly process and make more stable and long-lasting the oven structure, without modifying the basic principles of the artisanal tradition of refractory pizza ovens.


Valoriani Maximo

From the development of the traditional Valoriani dome shape, comes an elegant customizable aesthetic shape that easily integrates into any type of furniture.

Specially designed for cooking Neapolitan pizza, Valoriani crated its electric oven MAXIMO.

The dimensions and refractory materials of the dome, derive from a careful study of the pizza loading and cooking phases, allowing easy use of the entire surface of the cooking chamber.

The upper radial heating elements covered in opalescent quartz, together with the lower ones, excellently reproduce the flame of a traditional wood-fired oven.

Maximo is also equipped with the RHS® Evolution air recirculation system: this Valoriani patent creates a flow of steam that makes cooking homogeneous, enhancing the fragrance and consistency of the dough.

The use of the best insulating materials in high thicknesses, guarantees perfect thermal insulation and considerable energy savings.

The Valoriani refractory surface is made up of various modules for easy and quick replacement and is specially designed to have maximum yield with high temperature cooking for Neapolitan pizza. Variants for cooking classic pizza are available on request.


Valoriani Baby

The BABY VALORIANI oven was created for the on-the-road needs of pizza chefs. In fact, it is an oven made with the same refractory materials produced internally by Valoriani as the professional ovens, but with smaller dimensions, lighter and easier to handle.

In all respects a mini - professional, it is the answer for those who need an oven for events or to be installed on trolleys or other mobile structures.

The quality of the refractory and insulating materials makes it capable of reaching and maintaining the temperatures required for Neapolitan pizza.

The BABY VALORIANI oven is the ideal solution for those who want an oven for cooking Neapolitan pizza on the road!

Valoriani Verace

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