Friends of Vera Pizza

The esclusive club dedicated to the supporters of “true Neapolitan pizza“

Friends of Vera Pizza benefits:
  • The Card "True Neapolitan Pizza friends";
  • Decalogue and AVPN Regulations;
  • Ceramic horn for good luck;
  • AVPN Newsletter;
  • Discounts on gadgets and national and international initiatives;
The annual membership € 25,00
Club Amici Pizza

If you join the club, you can:

1. participate in dinners, tastings and events to publicize and promote the True Neapolitan pizza;

2. take part in seminars, workshops and intensive training to become a connoisseur of the Neapolitan pizza;

3. Be constantly informed about trends, history, and news about the world of Pizza;

4. exchange tips and advice on pizzas and pizzerias, pointing out, thanks to the skills acquired, the pizzerias affiliated to the Association that do not seem to realize a product in accordance with the Regulations.

But the club will be, above all, the place where to meet new friends, share the same passion and the same interests. The events will be convivial occasions to meet and discuss, always, of course, accompanied by an excellent True Neapolitan Pizza.

Neapolitan Pizza Maker for one day

Friends of Vera Pizza

The Friends Club is an international community of people who love the "True Neapolitan Pizza", it’s open to consumers, pizza makers, producers, journalists and experts in the field of food and wine. But not only. Doors will be opened to those who want to know more about our world and those who are fond of good food, to those who want to explore more closely the products, processes and manufacturing techniques of this exceptional dish, to those who are not satisfied with a good pizza but that always want to taste a better one, to the ones who want to learn to cook a True Neapolitan Pizza.

In 1984, along with a group of willing friends, who represent some of the oldest families of pizza makers and the most famous Neapolitan pizzerias, we set up the True Neapolitan Pizza Association, and we made a notary to record our first protocol. We established few simple rules that we agreed to respect, well aware that the Neapolitan pizza has no inventors, no fathers, no owners, but is just the result of the genius of the people of Naples. We were sure that these rules would be an incentive for us to prepare better and better quality pizzas. For many years we have all worked together to reaffirm the notion that the pizza, as it is well known throughout the world, has solely Neapolitan origins and the many variants made everywhere else, are nothing but interpretations of a recipe that is deeply linked to the traditions and culture of the city of Naples. Later we realized that we needed more precise rules, both from the historical and scientific point of view, lest we lose the memory of our tradition. Thanks to the valuable contribution and fruitful collaboration of the municipality of Naples, Second University of Naples and all the pizza makers affiliated to the Association, we realized our dream in 1997 with the presentation of the International Regulations which still represents the cornerstone of our association activities. In 2004, our guideline has been historically / legislatively recognized by institutional protection as STG. Over these years, we have been conveying across the world this simple message, through our numerous events during which we taught many people how to recognize and value the Neapolitan pizza, by respecting and transferring the inspiring principles that have been characterizing us for almost 30 years. The conception of the Club of Neapolitan pizza friends is for us the way to bring together all the supporters who have followed us over the years and all those who want to share with us this path to the creation of a large international community to promote The true Neapolitan pizza. I hope that you want to be part of it and that, thanks to your valuable contribution, the fascinating world that revolves around True Neapolitan pizza, may grow as well.

Antonio Pace
True neapolitan Pizza Association

Then promise to:

1) accept the principle that "the Neapolitan pizza has not inventors, no fathers, no owners, but is the result of the genius of the Neapolitan people";

2) read and share the Decalogue to recognize the true Neapolitan pizza and the International Regulations of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association;

3) contribute to support, to defend and spread, in Italy and throughout the world, the "culture" of True Neapolitan pizza;

4) participate in dinners, tastings and events aimed at promoting the True Neapolitan pizza;

5) contribute with your own specific knowledge to the study and research of the traditions and popular culture related to the Neapolitan pizza;

6) attend seminars, meetings, training and other initiatives that allow you to learn more about the True Neapolitan pizza;

7) support the Club to protect and promote local products suitable for the production of True Neapolitan pizza;

8) report, in accordance with the skills acquired, the affiliated and non affiliated pizzerias that realize a quality product complies with the rules of the Disciplinary;

9) report, in line with the skills acquired, the pizzerias affiliated to the Association that do not seem to realize a product in accordance with the Regulations;

10) do not forget that the Club is an element of the True Neapolitan Association, born with the purpose to create a network of experts and supporters of True Neapolitan pizza that can quietly confront each other m accompanied by an excellent Neapolitan Pizza.

AVPN Approved Suppliers

Denti Flours
Ferrara Forni
Agugiaro - 5 Stagioni
Latteria Sorrentina
La Fiammante
Molini Bongiovanni
Molino Quaglia
Marra Forni
Molino Piantoni
Acunto Ovens
Ciao Pomodoro
Molino Iaquone
La Valle
Il Faggetto SITTA
Manna Forni
Gerardo Di Nola
Di Vicino Forni
Marana Forni
 Del Prete Legnami
Dalla Giovanna
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