CARUSO® is the electric oven that offers the same performance as a traditional wood-burning oven, with a maximum temperature of 530°. The best materials and components guarantee solidity and resistance to high temperatures, maximum performance for minimum consumption. Attention to detail and the search for innovative solutions that can improve the work of pizza makers has always been one of ITALFORNI's primary goals.

A software, integrated in the latest generation touch screen control panel, manages and adjusts the power of the top and bottom in a diversified manner. This makes it possible to adjust the power of the heat extremely precisely and calculated for each product being cooked. Different and multiple product plusses guarantee better efficiency and baking quality at maximum use.


Ipergres® shelf

Ergonomic shelf made of Monolite Ipergres®, offering high resistance to thermal shock through direct contact, chemical resistance to corrosive substances, abrasion resistance and antibacterial properties.


Sorrento Stone

Thanks to the mixture of clay and volcanic sand and the porous structure, the certified Sorrento stone cooking surface is able to retain high temperatures and release heat constantly and evenly.


Hyper P-Heating

Separate digital top and bottom power adjustment, easily controlled and set by the operator, for perfect cooking even at very high temperatures.




With Caruso®, ergonomics and function translate into attention to detail and the pursuit of innovative solutions that make this oven unique for being user-friendly. Caruso® is equipped with a 65K Touch control panel, an easy-to-use instrument that contains hyper-technological features for all cooking needs. In addition, the possibility of customising the finishes of the panels and frame with contrasting glossy and matt colours makes the Caruso® oven suitable for any type of decor.


530° > Built for high temperatures

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