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Buffalo Milk Mozzarella

Buffalo Milk Mozzarella is the most known product that belongs to the tradition in Campania and also represent the most exported and demanded product of our country, an example of pride and satisfaction of Made in Italy.

Its origins are very ancient. The first witnesses date back to the XIII century, when in Capua the monks of San Lorenzo monastery used to offer the pilgrims a particular cheese called “mozza” or “provatura”.

The word mozzarella comes from “mozzare”, that means “separate a part from the whole” and it’s in fact the process used to make this delicious cheese.

Even though buffalo mozzarella, in its various sizes, is our spearhead, Bufala Line contains high quality products such as burrata, provola and caciocavallo.

Vaccino Line

Tasty,nutritious and versatile, cheeses in our vaccino line satisfy eachand every kind of palate. You can enjoy them by theirselves, insalads, on pizza or in pasta.

MozzarellaVaccina is a fresh pasta filata cheese made with whole raw cow’smilk. Its origins are ancient and it’sa traditional kind of production in southern Italy which isappreciated all over the world.

In order to obtain genuine and quality mozzarella, the upmost attentionis given to the raw material: the milk needs to come from highquality certified breedings, that are controlled and cared for by thesanitary institutions.

Milkanalyses are a guarantee for cheese producers and for customers, andthey give the cheesemaker important information related to theproperties of milk according to the season and to the cow’sfeedings and lifecyle.

Buffalo Milk Mozzarella

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