Another name for the Neapolitan Pizza?

The statements of Antonio Pace
"I recently read about some statements that emphasize the importance and necessity to find another adjective to add to Neapolitan Pizza to finally get a name reservation . For this purpose, they also announced an ideas competition aimed at finding such additional adjective. I believe that any  possibility of addition represents a double defeat since the work carried out in recent years had as its goal the protection and recognition of the product Neapolitan Pizza".

First of all, the product Neapolitan Pizza is specific in itself and traditional as attested by the EU and does not need other specifications (resulting from a fancy competition too) that would make the product STG to lose the recognition it has in the world, by creating more confusion among consumers.

In addition, the recognition of this new adjective, in our view, should have at least the same 25 years of historicity, or it may be subject to opposition.

I personally started the battle for the protection of the Neapolitan pizza even before we thought about the acronym STG, making the registration of a collective international brand that now has 30 years of fame. I believe that there is no need to disturb the commitment of leaders, government departments and European commission with imaginary and complex disciplines to get the result of the protection, when such a goal can be reached through the existing rules and a simple act of recording.

When we registered  the collective mark, people less experienced and wise than today, signaled the impossibility to record the name Neapolitan pizza, as it is too widespread to be limited and so we had to record the name of "True Neapolitan Pizza".

I do not understand, then, what regulatory differences can be now overcome with such registration which would lead to the affirmation of a non-existent product in the adjective and therefore unknown to the mass.

It seems to me therefore, pretentious and linked to other unclear interests the behavior of some ministerial offices that does not go in the direction of protection (without compromise) of the historical typicality  of our country where’s appropriate, instead they support private isolated and clearly biased initiatives.

Now the pizza movement has evolved by becoming a National Federation that, with his work can protect and make recognized the differences and the typicality expressed by the product pizza in Italy. An activity that begins with the same purpose of protection started in 2004 with the STG idea, that with an independent energy and pragmatism can achieve very different results, without external compromises.

A necessary private action, Given the governing bodies’ constant disregard for our requests to joint and shared to promote Neapolitan Pizza STG rather than individual initiatives with other promotional purposes.”

Tuesday 21 May 2013

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