Best AVPN Pizzeria: the world contest is started, to elect the best "veraci" pizzerias of the year

Online voting open from 29 Aprile to 28 May 2021 on

3rd edition renewed and with two titles up for grabs: the Web Awards, with popular vote, and the Member Awards, where for the first time will be the same pizza maker to choose the best among their colleagues.

The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana launches, starting from April 29, 2021, the third edition of the Best AVPN Pizzeria, the world contest to elect the best Verace pizzerias of the year from over 850 affiliates, present in more than 50 countries.

After the successes of "La Notizia" by Enzo Coccia, in 2014, and "50 Kalò" by Ciro Salvo, in 2019, which were decreed by the sum of the votes given by the popular and technical jury, this year the competition includes a renewed formula that will make it possible to award two different titles, the Web Awards and the Member Awards.

The Best AVPN Pizzeria - Web Awards calls upon pizza lovers from five continents. Anyone in fact, starting from 11.00 on 29 April and until 16.00 on 28 May, will be able to vote for their favorite AVPN pizzeria by following some simple instructions illustrated on the website On the same website, together with the total number of preferences expressed, the ranking of the 30 most voted pizzerias will be visible and updated in real time, in order to be able to follow, day after day, the exciting ride up to the announcement of the winner.

Instead, the pizza chefs affiliated with the Association will choose the Best AVPN Pizzeria - Member Awards. Everyone can indicate their three favorite places, obviously excluding their own. In this case the ranking will remain top secret and the winner will be revealed directly on May 28th, “with the polls closed”.

All voters, enthusiasts and professionals, are asked, in expressing their preferences, to take into account an overall evaluation of the pizzeria: pizza dough and cooking, selection of raw materials, proposed combinations, room service and care the aesthetics of the room.

"This renewed formula of the contest - underlines Antonio Pace, AVPN President - allows in our opinion to give the right weight to the voters and a consequent value to the prizes. The Member Awards, in particular, represents an absolute novelty for the world of pizza, which allows pizza chefs to express an opinion on the work of their colleagues for the first time, a bit like what happens in the Fifa World Player, where players and coaches are decree the success of the player who is first in the standings. While in the case of the popular vote, the Web Awards, in addition to waiting to find out the name of the winner, it will be interesting for us to see if we will be able to exceed the almost 90,000 votes received at the 2019 edition. A sort of popularity thermometer of the real Neapolitan pizza. In any case, it will be an extremely exciting moment for the entire pizza movement."

Tuesday 27 April 2021

AVPN Approved Suppliers

 Del Prete Legnami
Ferrara Forni - Woody Briketts
Molino Casillo
Di Vicino Forni
Molini Bongiovanni
La Nuova Casearia
Molino Piantoni
Latteria Sorrentina
Agugiaro - 5 Stagioni
Molino Quaglia
Marra Forni
Molini Fagioli
Denti Flours
Marana Forni
Napoli Caffè
Jungle Juice
La Valle
Forno Santo
La Fiammante
Jungle Juice
Manna Forni
Il Faggetto SITTA
Molino Iaquone
Acunto Ovens
Ciao Pomodoro
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