The AVPN is pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the True Pizza Contest. An unmissable challenge for homemade pizza lovers

Starting on February 25th, ending on March 25th with final classification on March 29th.

The contest is free and open to everyone, amateurs and professionals. Up for grabs are the coveted courses to become professional pizza chefs. Also, the AVPN will launch the "Recommended for domestic use" line of products which are perfect for homemade pizza.

It has been and continues to be the iconic product of this complex period. It is almost impossibile to find someone who hasn’t tried to make a homemade pizza during the last 12 months, with the desire to amaze relatives and friends, by using home utensils.

It is no coincidence that in 2020, the AVPN (Real Neapolitan Pizza Association) launched the True Pizza Contest. In a nutshell, a challenge to "produce" the best possible pizza at home. An initiative hailed as an extraordinary success, as evidenced by the numbers of the first edition: 800 pizzas competing, from 38 countries and with a social following worthy of a top influencer.

“Therefore we decided to give an encore - explains with a smile Antonio Pace, the AVPN president - and we are ready to launch the second edition with the exact same rules and once again give away our highly coveted professional courses for pizza makers".

The engagement rules are actually quite simple. The contest is free and open to everyone, amateurs and professionals. The basis is the AVPN international specification and participants are offered a wide range of options in choosing the type of pizza they want to propose: it can be a marinara, a margherita or any creative variant. The only mandatory requirement is the use of a domestic-type electric oven.

The competition is divided in two phases. The first, which runs from the 25th or February till the 25th of March 2021, foresees a photo of the proposed pizza together with the home oven set to be used by the competitors via messenger and to the Facebook profile AVPN @verapizzanapoletana. The photos will be published in the True Pizza Contest album that can be found in the association's Facebook page where each picture can be voted by everyone with a simple like

The second phase, which will run from the 26th till the 29th of March, foresees the evaluation of the 20 most voted pizzas by a jury made up of 10 pizza masters. An absolutely international panel with judges from Brazil, Australia, Egypt and Italy who will take into account elements such as shape, cooking, palatability and filling. The vote will define the 3 winners who will be able to take advantage of three different levels of the AVPN courses for pizza chefs, depending on their position on the podium.

The 1st classified will win a 9-day basic professional course to be held at the AVPN School in Naples or alternatively a 5-day basic professional online course.

The 2nd classified will be entitled to a 3-day advanced professional course to be held at the AVPN School in Naples or alternatively, a 3-day advanced online course.

The 3rd classified will win a 4-hour amateur course to be held at the AVPN School in Naples or alternatively, a 2-hour online amateur course.

There are also other awards in store which are added on, made available by the partners of the initiative, from "technical" tools to product kits, true excellence.

Regarding the products, the new initiative put in place by the AVPN should certainly be mentioned: it is "Recommended for Domestic Use", a line of products that the association "signs", guaranteeing their quality for the use of homemade pizza.

“Pizza is becoming more and more a sort of fil rouge that unites peoples and cultures - explains Mr Pace - we obviously believe that “the pizzeria” remains the best place where people can dedicate preparation and consumption of pizza, however it is really nice to interact with hundreds of pizza lovers from all over the world, and see them making this much loved product in their homes. Because of the respect we owe to pizza, we at the AVPN feel obliged to advise not only the techniques and preparation methods, but also the quality of the products to be used”

The True Pizza Contest sees the participation of: Molino Casillo, La Fiammante, Ooni, Latteria Sorrentina, Primotaglio, GiMetal and Agorass Italiana Assicurazioni.

Monday 22 February 2021

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