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The lawyer Angelo Pisani announces steps to protect the Neapolitan pizza "We have taken the mandate to protect the Neapolitan pizza from the attacks of the multinational Mc Donald's, not only in the name of the noble Neapolitan tradition, but also to protect the health of consumers and especially children." [read more]
MC DONALD AGAINST THE TRUE NEAPOLITAN PIZZA Stop making money out of children! – words by Massimo Di Porzio, Vice-president of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association – our legal office is considering to use law in order to stop this dishonourable attack against one of the symbols of the Mediterranean Diet. [read more]
AVPN without borders: a special report of the first Asian TV dedicated to the Vera Pizza Napoletana A troupe of the China Central Television, the largest Chinese television network, shot in February in Naples, a report about pizza broadcasted in the most populous country in the world few days ago. [read more]
True Neapolitan Pizza in the history, the Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba The Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba opened its doors in 1738. [read more]
Monday, February 23, 2015 - Bologna Airport - The Verace takes off !!! Official Opening and Delivery of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association label to the Pizzeria Vecchia Malga in the Bologna Airport [read more]
VPN Americas at the International Pizza Expo Dear Friends,as all previous years, VPN Americas will be present at the International Pizza Expo from March 24 to 26 in Las Vegas.Here below all the activities that will be part of the 3 days presence: [read more]
Pizza and beer, an expected pairing? Do not be so sure .. . Rolando Bossi, vice president of the Radeberger group - Dab, explains the rules for a higher healthy and tasty pairing. [read more]
The AVPN export the know- how on the true pizza in the world-the trainings for pizza makers highly d The courses are fully booked till next April. More and more foreigners arrive in the world capital of pizza to learn the secrets of the true pizza [read more]
Countdown to the 2015 AVPN Convention in Naples on february 4 On Wednesday, February 4 will be held the national convention of AVPN. From 9:30 to 13:00, at the Teatro San Carlo Scaturchio OperaCafè (Piazza Trieste e Trento 12, Naples) [read more]
Oliviero Toscani, Bruno Barbieri, Gerard Depardieu, Jean-Noel Schifano: Great excitement among the celebrities who side up with the true Neapolitan pizza; the most widespread Italian dish in the world that often proves to be just a mediocre and indigestible copy of the verace. [read more]