Best AVPN pizzeria: the Neapolitan D'Attilio won first place

The Member Awards and Web Awards of the Best AVPN Pizzeria 2021 were assigned. The Neapolitan D'Attilio is the best pizzeria in the world according to the pizzaioli masters. On the podium of the popular jury, Pizzot° (Russia), Užupio Picerija (Lithuania) and Sciantusi (Spain).


The edition of the Best AVPN Pizzeria 2021, the international contest to elect the best pizzerias of the year signed by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, has been renewed but with a high level of approval, which saw pizzerias from 51 countries competing.

Winning the Best AVPN Pizzeria - Member Awards trophy (new title of the competition reserved for pizza chefs affiliated to the Association, together with the Best AVPN Pizzeria - Web Awards dedicated to popular vote) was the Neapolitan pizzeria da Attilio, currently led by maestro Attilio Bachetti. A historic sign, present since 1938 in via Pignasecca in the heart of the Neapolitan city, which was therefore the most voted by the AVPN pizza chefs located from Naples to Brazil, from the US to Taiwan. 

Instead, the ranking of the Best AVPN Pizzeria - Web Awards looks across the border, drawn up on the basis of the judgment of over 70,000 pizza lovers across the five continents. On the podium, in fact, there are in order: the Siberian pizzeria Pizzot ° of the AVPN brand ambassador, Aniello Beneduce, which is on the top step with more than 10 thousand preferences coming partly from Russia and partly from his native Naples. Followed in second and third position by the Lithuanian pizzeria Užupio Picerija by Federico Meschino, pizza chef originally from Itri (Latina) thanks to whom the true Neapolitan pizza is literally depopulating in Vilnius, and the Spanish pizzeria Sciantusi of the Sicilian Palumbo family based in Madrid.



“Once again the true Neapolitan pizza - underlines Antonio Pace, AVPN President - demonstrates all its charm, stimulating curiosity and interest from all over the world. The numbers made by the third edition of our contest represent further confirmation of this. We are proud to be able to wave the Neapolitan flag on the Member Awards; with Attilio Bachetti of pizzeria da Attilio who, in addition to being a high award-winning representative of true Neapolitan pizza in the world, is also one of the most universally appreciated pizza chefs by all colleagues for his tireless work behind the counter. Due to his shy nature and his ability to reconcile the love for tradition with the ability to experiment. Congratulations also to the three foreign pizzerias that excelled in the Web Awards. They deserve above all the merit of knowing how to spread and defend the knowledge of the art of Neapolitan pizzaiuolo on an international level, in line with the intentions and objectives of AVPN ".


The Best AVPN Pizzeria – Member Awards winner: Attilio Bachetti

Attilio Bachetti was born on October 26, 1967 in Naples, where he began his career as a pizza maker at just 7 years old for fun, between a dough ball, a bowl of tomato and some table to clear away. The pizzeria where he took his first steps is that of the family, which literally makes him "fall in love" with the profession of pizza-maker.

The pizzeria "da Attilio" was born in 1938 from a long family tradition: first with his grandfather Don Attilio, then with his father Mario, subsequently passing with great determination and tenacity into the hands of his wife Maria Francesca Mariniello, until arriving at son Attilio, master pizza maker, pastry chef and sommelier.

Attilio, in turn, continues the long tradition with great passion, deepening more and more the techniques of pizza and using his experience and genius in creating new flavors without ever neglecting tradition. For example, it’s his the invention of the star-shaped pizza, later copied by many.

Located in the most popular streets of Naples, la Pignasecca, the pizzeria da Attilio over the years has reached an excellent level also as a restaurant with typical dishes.

Among the specialties: the Giardiniera pizza, with tips filled with ricotta and a mix of seasonal vegetables grilled and placed on the pizza only when it comes out of the oven. The star-shaped Carevale with the tips stuffed with ricotta and with buffalo mozzarella and Piennolo cherry tomatoes in the center; and we can’t forget the simpler but more than tasty based on ricotta, Neapolitan copper-onions and pepper with an incredible aroma.



The final ranking of the Best AVPN Pizzeria - Web Awards

1^ classified: pizzeria Pizzot° (Omsk - Russia) of Aniello Beneduce;

2^ classified: pizzeria Užupio Picerija (Vilnius - Lituania) of Federico Meschino;

3^ classified: pizzeria Sciantusi (Madrid - Spagna) of the Sicilian Palumbo family.

Final ranking here

Tuesday 01 June 2021

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