From Saturday, June 29 to Wednesday, July 3 in Naples, Italy. 

Five days of meetings, tastings and conferences to celebrate the anniversary of the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association: a 40-year chapter in history

It missing less and less until the Days of the True Neapolitan Pizza: AVPN's big party to tell the story of 40 years of the Association that has made pizza a worldwide phenomenon. A five-day event, from Saturday, June 29 to Wednesday, July 3, that will see the Association's great pizza makers, institutions, communicators and industry professionals together to retrace the evolution of the product that most of all identifies tricolor gastronomic culture, recounting the history and successes of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which has always been the ambassador of pizza of excellence in Italy and around the world.  More than a 40th anniversary celebration: a true tribute to the white art that will kick off a show of dreamy doughs and great pairings in the heart of Naples. The headquarters of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana in Capodimonte (Via Capodimonte, 19/A) will be the theater for all the scheduled meetings: tastings, conferences and exclusive dinners to celebrate the queen of doughs in all its forms and flavors.


"The wait for the Days of True Neapolitan Pizza is coming to an end," says Antonio Pace, president of AVPN, "We can't wait to kick off the festivities by sharing this exciting milestone with all member pizza makers, who from the beginning to today have written the success of our Association. It is an anniversary that rewards both our activity and the value of pizza in the world, and one that we want to dedicate to all the professionals and insiders who have always supported us and to the public of enthusiasts around the world. We are kicking off five well-rounded days that will tell the flavors, stories and great faces of the white art as never before, to make Naples, once again, the central hub in the dissemination and enhancement of this extraordinary product."

Among the many scheduled activities, anticipation is growing for " A true pairing," the event focused on the fascinating pizza-wine pairing, the path pursued by the Association to enhance the flavors of pizza, from classic flavors to more creative pairings, together with great wines from the territory and beyond.  Four tasting evenings that will see AVPN master pizza makers from all over the world propose an unusual menu paired with wines selected by AIS Campania.

Great start, on Saturday, June 29, with Gonzalo Garay Varo of La Esquina - Chile, Andrè Guidon of Leggera Pizza Napoletana - Brazil, Tani Kentaro of Il Sole Rosso - Japan and Giancarlo Schiano of Neapolitan Pizza Truck - USA: they will be the protagonists of "A Beginning in Delicacy" the first meeting moderated by Luciana Squadrilli entirely dedicated to Seafood Pizzas.

For the second evening, Sunday, June 30, will feature "Elegance and Complexity," a dinner dedicated to Vegetable Pizzas, moderated by Laura Gambacorta, in the company of four of the Association's great pizzaioli: Attilio Bachetti of Da Attilio, Stefano Cafasso of Pizzeria Fratelli Cafasso, Antonio and Ciro Coppola of Fratelli Coppola Milano and Gaetano Genovesi of the eponymous pizzeria.  On Monday, July 1, the spotlight will be on Carmine Apetino of Pizzeria D'E' Figliole, Enrico and Carlo Alberto Lombardi of Lombardi 1892, Salvatore Piccirillo of Antica Friggitoria La Masardona dal 1945 and Salvatore Salvo of Pizzeria Salvo, who will kick off "Un'Esperienza Frizzante," the not-to-be-missed tasting on the theme of Pizza Fritta, moderated by Francesca Pace. Big closing, Tuesday, July 2, with "A Synergy of Flavors: the Great Classics," the event moderated by Antonella Amodio that focuses on the flavors of tradition with masters Vincenzo Paolo Capasso of Pizzeria Capasso, Ciro Salvo of 50 Kalò, Corrado Scaglione of Enosteria Lipen, Antonio Starita of Starita a Materdei and Guglielmo Vuolo of Guglielmo & Enrico Vuolo.

The Days of True Neapolitan Pizza also kicks off "Neapolitan Pizza maker for one day," 4 days of masterclasses dedicated to all pizza lovers that, not only will be an opportunity to learn about the history and traditions of Neapolitan pizza but above all will give all enthusiasts the chance to get their hands in the dough together with the great AVPN masters. From Saturday, June 29, to Tuesday, July 2, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., inside the AVPN School every visitor will be able to step into the shoes of a pizza maker and discover all the secrets of pizza making, from choosing quality raw materials to rolling out the dough, from baking technique to topping. All through the story of great pizza artisans who, every day, thanks to their talent and mastery, bring up this craft, not just a profession but a fascinating artistic expression.

But AVPN's big party doesn't stop in Naples: on Monday, July 1, a team of the Association's master pizza makers will climb Mont Blanc for Europe's highest Neapolitan pizza. It's an unprecedented event that will make the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association the first entity to take the white art to high altitudes, a full 3466 meters, on the highest point of the Skyway Monte Bianco cable car at Punta Helbronner. In the enchanting setting of Courmayeur, master pizza chefs Domenico Martucci, Mirko D'Agata, Cristiano De Rinaldi, Andrea Saulle and Pasquale Mormile, led by Secretary General Paolo Surace and Instructor Salvatore De Rinaldi will kick off a spectacle for the eyes and palate for a grand homage to Neapolitan pizza culture, following AVPN's identity philosophy: pizza has no limits.

Big closing, Wednesday, July 3, with "A True Story" the meeting that will trace the great and complex world of pizza, from its origins, to its central role in food, to its indissoluble bond with its hometown to the achievement of new geographical boundaries. The conference, at the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa, will feature AVPN masters from Italy and around the world, the Association's brand ambassadors, communicators and industry technicians in dialogue to relive the past and look to the extraordinary future of Neapolitan pizza, retracing the Association's 40 years of successes and achievements that have made AVPN the brand ambassador of pizza excellence in the world.

Opening the dances, from 10. 30, "La Vera Pizza Napoletana regina della Dieta Mediterranea," the talk moderated by Luciano Pignataro that will feature in dialogue Nicola Caputo - Assessore all'Agricoltura Regione Campania, Gennarino Esposito - Chef Ristorante La Torre del Saracino, Barbara Nappini - President of Slow Food, Raffaele Sacchi - Professor of Food Science and Technology, Helga Sanità - anthropologist, Joe Fugere - Founder of the Tuttabella Seattle group, and Association Vice President Massimo Di Porzio, to reflect on the food value of pizza as an essential part of the food model of the Mediterranean basin.

This will be followed, starting at 12.00 with Angelo Cerulo, by "The Roots of a Dish Symbolic of a People and a City," a grand celebratory moment of the precious marriage between Naples and pizza with the participation of Antonio Bassolino - Former Mayor of Naples since 1993, Felice Casucci - Campania Region Tourism Councillor, Maurizio De Giovanni - Writer, Antonio Puzzi - Senior MedEatResearcher, President Antonio Pace, Association Secretary General Paolo Surace and Peppe Miele - VPN Americas Delegate. Opening the afternoon, "A Recognized Art, A Profession to be Regulated," will be the 2 p.m. talk moderated by Gioacchino Bonsignore. An opportunity for dialogue on the art of the Neapolitan pizzaiuolo, with Ishida Masayoshi and Manabu Odawara - professors from Ritsumekan Shiga University, Bartolomeo Amidei - Senate Agriculture Commission, Rosanna Romano - General Director for Cultural Policies and Tourism Campania Region, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio - President of Univerde Foundation, Luigi Petrillo - Professor of Comparative Public Law of Cultural Heritage and Aldo Mario Cursano - FIPE National Vice President Vicar.

The event enjoys the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Campania Region and the City of Naples, and features the participation of world-class partners such as Acunto forni, Caputo, Castello di Solfagnano, Ciao, Cirio, D'Amico, Del Prete legnami, Effeuno, Euroiovine, Gargiulo Aspirazioni, Gi. Metal, GLDM, Goeldlin Collection, Fritturista by Oleificio Zucchi, InPact, Italiana Assicurazioni Agorass, Izzo Forni, Kbirr Napoli, La Fiammante, La Valle, Latteria Sorrentina, Manna forni, Marana forni, Molino Bongiovanni, Molino Spadoni, Nims Lavazza, Nutras - LactoSolution, Ooni, Resto Italia, Robo, Rovagnati, Salumificio MEC Palmieri, San Benedetto, Solania, Stefano Ferrara ovens, Sunmix, Unicredit, Woody Briketts, according to alphabetical order.

Technical partners in the initiative are AIS Campania, Andromeda E20, Jungle Juice ADV, MG Logos, Raffaele Costigliola Design and Sokan Communication.

A True Pairing

Saturday 29 - A Start in Delicacy: seafood pizzas

Sunday 30 - Elegance and Complexity: the Vegetable pizzas

Monday 1 - A Sparkling Experience: the Fried Pizzas

Tuesday 2 - A Synergy of Flavors: the Great Classics

All from 8 p.m.

at AVPN Via Capodimonte, 19a

By reservation only


Neapolitan Pizzamaker for one day

Saturday, July 29 to Tuesday, July 2,

10 a.m. to 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

at AVPN Via Capodimonte, 19a

By reservation only


A True Story

Wednesday, July 3 from 10 a.m.

at the Pietrarsa National Railway Museum

By reservation only


Info and reservations at

Monday 24 June 2024

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