Leafing through the Register of Suppliers: Molino San Felice

Even the historical Molino San Felice joined the Register of Suppliers selected by the True Neapolitan Pizza association. Let‚€™s discover the secrets of the art of milling from the ones who have been handing it down with care and passion for 4 generations.

The Molino San Felice joined the Register of Suppliers selected by the True Neapolitan Pizza Association. The company born in Campania has been handing down for four generations the ancient art of milling, producing special flours for pizza, bread and cakes.
The history of the Molino San Felice, run by Ambrosio and Ragosta families, dates back to the late nineteenth century, in the municipality of San Giuseppe Vesuviano, home of the factory until the sixties, when everything was moved to Cimitile, center of the agro Nolano, famous for its early Christian basilicas, whose patron saint is San Felice that gives the company its name, it was the first Italian company to embrace the product quality certification.
With three different types of flour composed by only 100% of soft wheat, The Molino meets the demands of pizza makers, starting from "Verace", the first flour created by Molino San Felice, which is useful to make the "true Neapolitan pizza." Certified since 2001 in accordance with UNI 10971, it is a balanced flour of type 00, obtained from a mixture of European grains, enriched with selected Italian grain. The type "STG"is instead the first flour certified as complying with the characteristics specified in EU Regulation 97/2010 for the production of "the Neapolitan pizza STG." It is proposed as a high rate protein flour obtained from a mixture of the best Italian and north Americans wheat grains. Using this flour pizza makers will be able to obtain the certification for the pizzeria in accordance to the Regulations. The third and last type is the "Gold", created specifically for the masters of Neapolitan pizza composed by the classic version, certified STG but enhanced by a process which benefits from a higher protein content and gluten, as well as rising and longer times of preservation, everything to offer to aficionados a Neapolitan pizza absolutely delicious and unique. www.molinosanfelice.com
Tuesday 13 November 2012

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