The original Neapolitan pizza in Japan: the excellence of the Neapolitan tradition
Future events: "Pizzafest" in Tokyo and the set up of a 'Friends of the Neapolitan pizza worldwide Club'

Representatives of the original Neapolitan pizza in Japan have been received today at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo. Afterwards, members reached the I.C.E. (Institute for Foreign Trades) office where Dot. Federico Balmas, President of the Italian Trade Commission, started a press-conference to introduce the representatives from the VPN Association in Japan, at the presence of more than seventy Japanese journalists and of Division Members Nishikawa and Watnabe.
President Antonio Pace stated: "This is my first time in Japan and I came to check if what had been sowed by our pizza masters 11 years ago has given any fruit. I've been impressed by the quality and professionalism of our members so I can very well affirm today that the original Neapolitan pizza can be found also in Japan and that our trademark is really a warranty of excellence."
Vice president, Raffaele Surace, one of our pioneers together with our technical director Gaetano Fazio, declared: "I am proud of the improvements achieved; in fact, I remember that when I first came to Japan there was no distinction between any pizza and the original Neapolitan pizza". In the same way spoke Massimo Di Porzio, General Manager and deputy of the Association: "We succeeded in our main target which was to make clear how to properly make an original, artisan Neapolitan pizza in Japan, and this came true today: time has come to inform consumers on how to recognize it. Therefore we figured out two different ways: the setting up of a "Neapolitan pizza friends worldwide Club" able to interact with the main association and with the Japanese division, to specify what complies with our rules code and what doesn't. Also, another target is to spread the 'tasting technique of the original, artisan Neapolitan pizza' in order to teach people how to recognize and appreciate it".
Furthermore, President Antonio Pace agreed with the Italian Embassy representatives, with the I.C.E. and with the Japanese AVPN division to support some promotional events in Japan. In fact, he stated that "the first tasting set will take place between 1 and 3 June in the City of Kawasaki within the 'Italian Spring exhibition' in Japan and it will be managed by Division members Akio Nishikawa and Yoichi Watanabe. We also agreed on a "Pizzafest" to take place in Tokyo during next fall, involving Campania Region Government, Naples Town-Hall and Province Governments and Enit (Italian National Body for Tourism). The goal is to make the Neapolitan pizza our ambassador representing our typical artisan local products, evoking the tourist image of Campania and, more particularly, the Naples Province".
During the visit, seven new member-restaurants have been inspected and qualifications and trademark signs have been assigned during the press-conference. The Japanese Division Managers have been honoured with the Certificate of Award of the original artisan Neapolitan pizza in appreciation of its cultural and traditions promotion. Mr Pace stated: "I was able to ascertain how Neapolitan food products are appreciated and valued here in Japan to the point that the Japanese Division is considered like a small Naples Embassy".
Friday 20 April 2007

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