Salone del Gusto 2014

The return of the laboratories of AVPN with the "Pizza Piazza" where, in the presence of Oliviero Toscani, on Friday 24 at 11 am, will be officially presented to the media "Tu vuò fa’ il Napoletano."

The true Neapolitan pizza seen in a new light thanks to the 80 shots made ??by the artist for the company Contadi Castaldi.

Once again this year, the collaboration between Slow Food and the True Neapolitan Pizza Association will see some of Italy’s best pizza makers ready to let you taste both some traditional classics and the creations that made them famous. We are proud to say that our participation is a guarantee for the Salone as our pizza makers may transmit a methodology and ancient knowledge that is not concentrated only in Naples but has spread, thanks to the constant commitment of all our affiliates in the world, throughout all latitudes reaching standard of quality increasingly higher.

2014 is a year full of celebrations and major events, in particular, we also celebrate two important anniversaries: the 10th edition of the Salone del Gusto and 30 years of True Neapolitan Pizza Association.

During these 30 years the AVPN together with some very important companies has promoted and protected the product that is a symbol of Italy in the world, "the Vera Pizza Napoletana." "We have partnered with various companies that, like us, look to the future and that conform to the highest standard of quality set by the Federico II University- says Antonio Pace, the President of AVPN - Among our prestigious partners, there’s Contadi Castaldi, which made possible an ambitious publishing project with the renowned Oliviero Toscani who, through his bold shots gives us a brand new image of the pizza makers.

The Neapolitan pizza today is what best represents the Neapolitan people creativity, but is also the symbol of the Mediterranean diet that distinguishes the healthy Italian cuisine in the world, so it is the most widely imitated and interpreted dish. - Antonio Pace adds- But the Association, thanks to the partners, aims to go beyond the concept of pizza as a popular product: Pizza can be transformed. The task, is now underway, thanks to the new studies on the preparation techniques and the use of increasingly selected products, the pizza makers can become as the great chefs. Pairing it with great wines such as Franciacorta Contadi Castaldi wines, demonstrates it. Two seemingly distant worlds that share history, roots, respect for their own territories. A path of traditions jealously preserved. The margherita and marinara, the pizza a libretto choose to marry the personality of the bubbles to achieve an innovative and intriguing pairing. "

On the same wavelength FRANCESCA MORETTI, CEO Contadi Castaldi and wine division manager  Terra Moretti : "The Project Pizza 100% is the encounter between two cultures that have a lot in common. Like every winemaker, each pizza maker has its own secret recipe. Pizza and Franciacorta, pizza and bubbles: With this combination we found the most joyful and authentic way to tell about a creative Italy that believes in the value of the absolute quality and territorial identity as a paradigm for a better future. "

A work and life project that is also transmitted by the strength of the faces of its masters pizza makers, captured by Oliviero Toscani and now gathered in a publication that will be presented for the first time at the Salone del Gusto in Turin where Contadi Castaldi will be present for all the days of the event in the Pizza Piazza (October 23 to 27 2014). With the title "Tu vuò fa’ il Napoletano," it tells in eighty photographs and interviews about the essence of a profession that has brought to the world the most authentic Italian lifestyle. In the pizza Oliviero Toscani has seen the most beautiful example of Made in Italy, the best synthesis of the concept of "design".

But what convinced OLIVIERO TOSCANI to embark on this Neapolitan adventure?

I was once interviewed on an international television station dedicated to art. They asked me to name the most important object of Italian design of all time – that one quintessential creation that I felt was most deserving of the “Made In Italy” label. I thought about it for a moment… In my mind’s eye, I saw a steady stream of all the amazing objects that had ever been created by the most celebrated Italian designers and architects, many of which are now housed in the world’s most prestigious museums. So many beautiful things… But then I thought, is there anything that rises above the rest? All of a sudden, it came to me: Pizza! It has that perfect shape that is so aesthetically pleasing, and the colors of Italy are an inextricable part of its very identity… And on top of that, it has that incredible taste that only Italian ingredients can provide. In its simplicity, pizza is uniquely democratic: it can feed anyone and everyone. And it’s not just food for the body, it’s food for the soul too! One of the reasons we should be proud to be Italian is because we invented pizza: nothing else can claim to be so utterly perfect. Actually, Neapolitans invented pizza!

Thank you, Naples!

So, everybody at  the Pizza Piazza, the exhibition space of the Salone del Gusto Slow Food dedicated to the pizza with the master pizza makers of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association: Attilio Bachetti, Francesco Cassiano, Cristiano De Rinaldi, Emanuele De Vittoris, Roberto Di Massa, Davide Finotti, Salvatore Gatta, Giovanni Improta, Enrico Lombardi, Alessandro Martucci, Franco Pepe, Guido Picariello, Ciro Salvo, Salvatore Santucci, Corrado Scaglione, Domenico Scola, Gino Sorbillo, Paolo Surace, Guglielmo Vuolo, Valerio Vuolo. Technical Coordinator of the piazza since the first edition, Emanuele De Vittoris.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

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