Innovation without forgetting the tradition
By virtue of its mission to promote and protect the traditions of the Vera Pizza Napoletana, the Association has given and will give rise to projects that have the objective of preserve or increasing the quality of pizza and professionalism used in it by the Pizzaioli, who are carrying on this art.
That was written on first 'disciplinare' in the 1984, and that's our mission still now: openness to technology that could preserve or improve the pizza napoletana quality.
A first project of which has completed the project part and began the marketing phase, is the one that has considered the company Valoriani, with which was created (after a collaboration and supervision of three years) an oven according to traditional characteristics of neapolitan ovens: in sizes and materials, and besides it has some innovative features.
One of the most important thing for our Association (Always involved in project to reduce the pollution and preserve the enviroment) is the new Recycling Heating System that allows to reduce the smoking release in atmosphere)
The Valoriani Verace oven (the name christened by the tuscan company) is a professional oven that can also be used for gas. One of the particular characteristics of the Verace oven is its system of the soil heating. An innovative (patented) system called R.H.S. (Recycling Heating System) which allows the recovery the wood and gas and its recycling at no cost. The RHS system allows channels located under the pit to bring the heat in areas far from the gas or wood, so that the soil temperature is constant in all its parts. It is an innovation, to which we must add optimal combustion, a factor that also improves the quality of air in the emissions into the atmosphere.
Our association has been involved in the project for three years and we tested the oven (the one with gas achieved the 80% of a wood burning oven), now wait for the market and pizza makers tests and advices.
For this reason if the laws not allow to use a wood burning oven, the Valoriani Verace allows to preserve the tradition of neapolitan pizza.
Our Association after a testing lenght of time, and if the result will be answering our expectations and test, should consider in the future to open a new section of our register with enterprice who produce the pizza napoletana with Gas oven (by now the Verace valoriani is the only one tested by our Pizzaioli).
Tuesday 04 January 2011

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