It's time for "Pizzafest": 11-21 September
"Pizzafest" the Festival dedicated to Traditional Neapolitan pizza will take place in September this year. This annual festival continues to build on its success and this long awaited rendez-vous is now in its 13th edition.
The festival unites people with real Neapolitan pizza (Verace Pizza Napolitana) and the festival offers a rich programme entertainment and activities.
The Festival, organised by the "Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana" (Verace Pizza Association), the association responsible for authorising and promoting this typical Neapolitan product and associates who work, with excellence, in Italy and abroad will meet in the historical location of the Mostra d´Oltremare. This year the Festival offers a series of new initiatives.
The first builds on a series of international ties. The agreement signed with "Jalpak" (Japan Airlines tour operator) will enable Japanese students to follow an educational tours on the theme of "Verace Pizza Napoletana". This introductory phase will take place on the 9, 14 and 18 of September and incorporate guided visits to authentic producers of "primary products" (oil, tomatoes and mozzarella) and materials for production (ovens, hotellerie etc.). The introduction will lead to work placement stages for pizza and typical products. In addition to this the visitors will attend "Pizzafest" to admire masters of the tradition at work.
This is not the first time the event hosts delegates from abroad. Last year associates from Japan, the United States, China and Korea participated at the event.
In sign of maintaining tradition the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana continues to strengthen ties and synergy with local companies and suppliers that produce typical Campania products.
Building on this and working with the highly prestigious Università Federico II – Department for Alimentary Science, 4 days on quality and characteristics of typical products linked to pizza have been organised. To precede this a workshop for on "The Chemistry of Neapolitan Pizza" will open the series of days. Monday the 15 of September the theme of the day will be the San Marzano dop tomato, Tuesday 16 00 grano tenero Flour, Wednesday 17 Mozzarella di Bufala Campana (Campania Buffalo milk mozzarella), Thursday 18 Extra Virgin Olive oil with the participation of ANFO, Associazione Nazionale dei Frantoi Oleari (National Olive Oil Association).
The aim these initiatives is to enhance and inform the public of the value of these typical products. In doing so it is possible to guarantee the high quality standards required by the statute, signed in 1984 by the Association and forms part of its successive discipline for the Pizza.
For this reason all of the technical sponsors and suppliers of raw materials for the realisation of real Neapolitan pizza originate exclusively in the Campania Region.
Pizzerias who receive the exclusive right to become an associate member of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (Verace Pizza Association) guarantee this absolute quality of their products.
The Pizzafest 2008 programme offers 11 days of entertainment, quality food and fun.
The Inauguration day on the 11 September will involve the participation of the Italian Army and band and celebrate "Pizza Day". A satellite link with soldiers from the Garibaldi Brigade in Lebannon will also take place.
There is also news and changes to the "Vota la pizza" (Vote your favourite Pizza) competition. For the third year running the public will vote the best pizza. This year the difference being the voting period will be extended to the entire 11 days of the event and use an electronic system to vote. Last year 10,000 Neapolitans voted.
The calendar of events, shows and live entertainment will be held on the prestigious "Kermesse stage" under the artistic direction of "Radio Marte Stereo".
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Thursday 14 August 2008

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