Archivio News 2006-2016

27/07/2016 Mozzeria Pizza Tour 2016
27/07/2016 Interview with Antonio Pace, AVPN President
10/09/2015 Piazza Pizza is back at Cheese 2015
10/06/2015 AVPN World: More and more great Veraci Pizza makers
07/06/2015 Italian Day at NATO
29/05/2015 Second National AVPN event for the verace gas oven to certify the pizzeria 'O SCUGNIZZO by PIER
29/05/2015 "CIBO A REGOLA D'ARTE": The Neapolitan Verace wins over Milan
10/05/2015 Discovering the register of suppliers: the Molino Dallagiovanna
17/04/2015 The lawyer Angelo Pisani announces steps to protect the Neapolitan pizza
04/03/2015 AVPN without borders: a special report of the first Asian TV dedicated to the Vera Pizza Napoletana
26/02/2015 True Neapolitan Pizza in the history, the Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba
20/02/2015 Monday, February 23, 2015 - Bologna Airport - The Verace takes off !!!
06/02/2015 VPN Americas at the International Pizza Expo
30/01/2015 Pizza and beer, an expected pairing? Do not be so sure ..
20/01/2015 The AVPN export the know- how on the true pizza in the world-the trainings for pizza makers highly d
19/01/2015 Countdown to the 2015 AVPN Convention in Naples on february 4
19/01/2015 Oliviero Toscani, Bruno Barbieri, Gerard Depardieu, Jean-Noel Schifano:
24/12/2014 Happy Holidays from the True Neapolitan Pizza Association
24/12/2014 Charity lunch at Galleria Principe di Napoli (24th December, 2014).
24/12/2014 Advance notice for the next year: forewarning a fully-booked 2015 pizza makers courses by AVPN
24/12/2014 Sayonara Osaka! The successful conclusion of the charity Gala held by AVPN in Japan
21/10/2014 Salone del Gusto 2014
16/06/2014 Oliviero Toscani, 100% Pizza!
03/06/2014 The successful conclusion of the Pizzafestival first edition
09/05/2014 The contest “Best Pizzeria AVPN 2014" starts
09/05/2014 Pizzafestival Preview, a month of unmissable events
09/05/2014 The Pizza Festival, cultural and entertainment events all over the world
07/05/2014 9000 votes for the Photo Awards, it's up to the jury now
07/05/2014 PHOTO AWARDS - as the competition continues
22/04/2014 VIDEO - Tour around Pizza Expo
22/04/2014 You Showed Us You Didn't Put Limit on Yourselves
24/03/2014 The True Neapolitan Pizza Photo Awards is going to start
24/03/2014 Mercantina the first pizzeria member in Lisbon
24/03/2014 A lesson with Maestro Corrado Scaglione
24/03/2014 Mission in Nevada for the True Neapolitan Pizza
23/03/2014 Leafing through the Register of Suppliers
18/03/2014 International Pizza Expo 2014 - Las Vegas
12/02/2014 The members of AVPN in Lombardy gained our plaudits for the new pizza box
12/02/2014 The tour "Discovering the True Neapolitan Pizza" restarts
12/02/2014 Leafing through the register of approved suppliers
12/02/2014 The AVPN flies to Japan
12/02/2014 The annual Convention of AVPN was a success
15/01/2014 Discovering the True Neapolitan Pizza, next stop at the pizzeria "da Attilio" in the Pign
15/01/2014 The AVPN flies to Brazil
15/01/2014 I’m starting from 30
19/12/2013 Best True Wishes by The Association!
17/12/2013 An interview with Vittorio Sciosia, the photographer of the book “Farina, Acqua, Lievito, Sale
11/12/2013 Pizza and solidarity: a course taught by Francesco Cassiano
25/11/2013 From now Italian Made is online!
25/11/2013 Brazil: a growing appeal for the Neapolitan Pizza
25/11/2013 The AVPN in Japan grows and get stronger
24/11/2013 The North America is more and more Verace
23/11/2013 In December, the True Neapolitan Pizza stops in Bologna
18/11/2013 Leafing through the Register of suppliers: Molino Piantoni
22/10/2013 AVPN in the world, the tours with the delegations of Japan and the Americas
14/10/2013 The AVPN in Milan for Host
13/10/2013 DANIcoop, the masters of San Marzano DOP
13/10/2013 A true week, pizza takes the leading role
13/10/2013 Cheese, 2013, the Slow Food event ... more and more "verace"!
13/10/2013 The christening of Pizza on the MSC Preziosa
07/10/2013 Taste of Italy
26/07/2013 Discovering a... Pizza d'aMare
26/07/2013 Pizzafest in Nonantola, a real success!
26/07/2013 Remembering Hiroshima
26/07/2013 Leafing through the Register of Suppliers: Farina Polselli
15/07/2013 Brazil: Images of the tour
15/07/2013 The AVPN at the Giffoni Film Festival
15/07/2013 Pizza Fest in Nonantola
15/07/2013 Newsletter for Japan!
15/07/2013 Leafing through the Register of Suppliers: Impact, AVPN containers for pizza are born.
15/07/2013 Pension Funds Facilitated for the affiliates of AVPN
12/07/2013 The Flavor of Tradition
26/06/2013 News from Japan
26/06/2013 Leafing through the Register of Suppliers: Agrigenus
26/06/2013 And in Australia starts the Pizza Festival 2013
20/06/2013 Descobrindo a Verace Pizza Napoletana
22/05/2013 Margherita month a royal celebration at Nicli Antica Pizzeria
22/05/2013 On the way to Portugal
21/05/2013 Discovering the True Neapolitan Pizza ... With a finger in the pie!
21/05/2013 Another name for the Neapolitan Pizza?
21/05/2013 Leafing through her Register of Suppliers: Ciao Pomodoro
20/05/2013 What fizzy for pizza?
20/05/2013 And meanwhile in Korea ...
12/04/2013 Everyone in Parma for the Pizza World Show
05/04/2013 In Bologna, the first AVPN Point
05/04/2013 Discovering the True Neapolitan Pizza: stopover in Bologna.
05/04/2013 The True Neapolitan Pizza conquers Las Vegas
05/04/2013 United we stand: Join the Associations of Pizza Federation
05/04/2013 Let's save the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP
05/04/2013 Leafing through the Register of Suppliers: Bio-Com
18/03/2013 The True Neapolitan Pizza out to conquer Las Vegas
28/01/2013 Annual Convention of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association
27/01/2013 The deans of the True Neapolitan Pizza
27/01/2013 Welcome to Gi Metal!
27/01/2013 FOOD4THOUGHT: A great success for the day dedicated to the Neapolitan pizza
27/01/2013 Pizza and wine in search of the perfect match
27/01/2013 Stories of Pizza
15/01/2013 Faithful to tradition, attracted by innovation.
14/01/2013 Interview with Gianpaolo Cono the first artist "Friend of the True Neapolitan Pizza"
14/01/2013 A lesson about the Neapolitan Pizza
21/12/2012 From Bangladesh to Naples, the story of Roni
21/12/2012 Fried food hurts? Science says NO!
21/12/2012 The Buffalo mozzarella in the top ten of Qualivita
13/11/2012 True Neapolitan Pizza: trip to South America
13/11/2012 A chat with Akio Nishikawa, delegate of AVPN in Japan
13/11/2012 Leafing through the Register of Suppliers: Molino San Felice
04/11/2012 True Neapolitan Pizza: trip to South America
26/10/2012 The Club of True Neapolitan Pizza Friends is born: a new project by AVPN.
26/10/2012 Salone del Gusto: Pizza takes a starring role!
26/10/2012 Leafing through the Register of Suppliers: the agreement between Ferrarelle and AVPN.
22/10/2012 Venturi Voted 15th Most Life-changing Pizza in U.S.
12/10/2012 "Salone del Gusto" in Turin is approaching, we talk about it with Carla Coccolo
12/10/2012 The AVPN in the world. From Japan to Australia, pizza is celebrating
12/10/2012 A chat with Antonio Pace, president and founder of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association, and owner
11/10/2012 Waiting for ' Salone del Gusto' in Torino...
15/07/2012 Conclusa la Prima Convention Internazionale AVPN
26/06/2012 La morte di Massimo Scerrato
17/06/2012 Less than a month to the Convention in Naples. All details to attend it and the scheduled programme
19/05/2012 Lilliput: Interactive Village for children
17/05/2012 Waiting for London Olympics... the Olympics of Neapolitan Pizza!
13/04/2012 The hot dog pizza and 8 other Frankenstein fast foods: A slideshow
30/03/2012 Save the children of Tohoku 2012
20/03/2012 2012 Pizza Expo is over!
13/03/2012 Pizza Expo - Las Vegas 2012
08/03/2012 International Pizza Expo - Las vegas from March 13th to 15th
28/02/2012 More than 200 pizzamakers for the 'workshop' Vera Pizza Napoletana in the world
24/02/2012 Work Shop 'The tradion of the Real neapolitan pizza in the world'
23/02/2012 Tutta Bella pizzeria makes special delivery for President Obama
21/10/2011 The Ambassadors of good food in the world
16/09/2011 PizzaFest a Shiodome Italia-gai - Tokyo
14/09/2011 Cheese Event in Bra. Real neapolitan pizza made by VPN
10/08/2011 Tohoku - Japan 2011
17/07/2011 Lotta love in the room
11/07/2011 Pizzafest Nonantola
30/06/2011 Educate & Celebrate: Great success in melbourne
11/06/2011 Educate and Celebrate! Verace Pizza Napoletana Association in Melbourne-Australia
05/06/2011 A' Pizza
27/05/2011 Third step of the AVPN international Road Show - Taipei (Taiwan)
26/05/2011 Review: Il Cane Rosso
24/05/2011 An Early Look at Pizzeria da Marco - Washington DC
17/05/2011 Pizza di oggi, gusto di ieri. A Napoli l'anteprima della quinta edizione di Pizza Up
14/05/2011 The death of Rosanna Stentardo Pace
10/05/2011 Casalnuovo di Napoli, Fratelli Vuolo. Pizzeria dal 1924
03/05/2011 Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzerias Match Guest Donations for Japan Relief
21/04/2011 Corrado Scaglione, the new world champion of Pizza napoletana STG
11/04/2011 Dough Pizzeria, owned by Doug and Lori Horn, will make its television debut on Diners,
12/03/2011 Terrible Earthquake in Japan
11/03/2011 Pizzaiuoli in America
22/02/2011 Pizza, un business da 5,3 miliardi di euro l'anno
04/01/2011 Innovation without forgetting the tradition
11/12/2010 Pizza napoletana: l'europa boccia il marchio di tutela
01/12/2010 VPN Training 2010/2011
01/12/2010 Pizza e vino, grande serata con Terre del Principe alla pizzeria Pepe di Caiazzo
29/10/2010 L'inaugurazione del Ferrari World
29/10/2010 La Pizza margherita e la Ferrari testimonial ad Abu Dhabi
27/10/2010 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opening - Verace pizza napoletana certification
17/10/2010 Piedigrotta confessa: "La nostra pizza è frutto dell'amore"
02/10/2010 Un foggiano campione di pizza
17/09/2010 Pizzafest to Castenaso
17/09/2010 The real neapolitan pizza in Germany
01/09/2010 Whole Foods opens to the Neapolitan tradition
23/08/2010 Addio a Di Porzio - Morto il decano dei ristoratori napoletani
19/08/2010 Watch: Obama's Pioneer Square speech on economy
19/08/2010 Pizza: Lot's of Egyptian Pizzamakers in the North of Italy
03/08/2010 The winner is...
02/08/2010 Maybe not everyone knows that ...
31/07/2010 Julia Roberts, pazza per la pizza: a Napoli ne mangiavo a decine!
08/07/2010 Pizzafest in Nonantola
29/06/2010 'Vera pizza napoletana' Training
07/06/2010 Naples pizza-making comp won by Japanese cook
01/06/2010 Special Guest at AVPN Japan delegation official party
27/05/2010 The winner is.... Akinari Makishima
25/05/2010 Seminario AVPN a Tokyo
23/05/2010 VPN 2010 Convention in Japan
23/04/2010 World championship 'pizza napoletana TSG' - Salsomaggiore Italy
19/02/2010 New trademark gives Naples a pizza history
06/02/2010 Per la pizza napoletana STG un evento Ufficiale
27/01/2010 Italian cuisine festival in Skopje
09/12/2009 Neapolitan pizza gets EU laurel
09/12/2009 Neapolitan pizza gets EU laurel
04/12/2009 Real Neapolitan pizza training in San Paolo e Rio in Brazil
04/12/2009 Pizzafest 2010 preview at «Terrafelix», sapori campani in mostra
03/12/2009 'La notizia' of Enzo Coccia, the first neapolitan pizzeria reviewed in the 'Red'
29/11/2009 Our Master Pizza Chef Gaetano Fazio in Japan
24/11/2009 Tribute to Ernesto Cacialli, died yesterday in Naples
23/11/2009 Master Pizzaiolo Ernesto Cacialli is Died
21/10/2009 Italian Agricolture Minister Zaia lunch in VPN New York member "Naples 45"
07/08/2009 Tutta Bella Takes Home Honors
05/08/2009 Verace pizza napoletana tour in Brasil
31/07/2009 Pizza Bella Napoli secondo la migliore tradizione partenopea
14/07/2009 La pizza spopola in Usa, arriva tour coast to coast
07/07/2009 Some Seattle Neapolitan pizzerias are blessed by Italy's pizza police
29/06/2009 Neapolitan Pizza Day
17/06/2009 Welcome to Verace Pizza Napoletana Week in Seattle!
17/06/2009 Antica Pizzeria: A Culinary Oasis in a Pizza Desert
11/06/2009 La festa della Margherita...
11/06/2009 "Io, l'ultimo Brandi, morirò col segreto della Margherita"
29/05/2009 Neapolitan market in Saarbrücken - Germany
27/05/2009 La promozione: Tour tedesco per la pizza
20/05/2009 First Master Exams
14/05/2009 1st Master on Pizza Napoletana
10/03/2009 Antica Osteria Pizzeria Pepe
07/02/2009 The AVPN Brand lands in Bologna: Pizzeria Tonino
05/02/2009 Pizza: the most used italian word in Europe
26/01/2009 AVPN on Facebook
04/12/2008 AVPN at the Toulouse Aeromart 2008
27/09/2008 The AVPN Staff represent Neapolitan Pizza in Athenes - Greece
26/09/2008 Vota la pizza 2008: Family nest win again
17/09/2008 Pizzafest 2008 : world delegation
14/08/2008 It's time for "Pizzafest": 11-21 September
14/08/2008 News From USA: life sentence for eating pizza
09/07/2008 Pizzafest in Nonantola
24/06/2008 Passion is Key ingredient in top pizza
24/06/2008 Naples without the Jet Lag!
22/06/2008 Pizzafest 2008 in Naples
05/06/2008 Protection for pizza sparks row in Naples
05/06/2008 Nápoles protege su pizza napolita
26/05/2008 Educational Tour "pizza napoletana": special agreement between Japan Airlines and AVPN
24/05/2008 The Neapolitan Pizza lands in Japan again
19/05/2008 Special Agreement between the San Marzano Dop producer Solania Srl and AVPN
18/05/2008 A.p.e.s did opposition at "Stg Pizza napoletana"
30/04/2008 Pazza For Pizza
09/04/2008 domain name fetches millions - But AVPN Replay: who cares?
27/03/2008 Master Gaetano Fazio in Japan
21/03/2008 "ISSIMO by Salvatore Cuomo" Restaurant opens today in Shangai
13/03/2008 Pizza Napoletana S.T.G. disciplinary: Some very important information
16/02/2008 Italy mulls pizza protection law
16/02/2008 Naples pizza on track for EU laurel
15/02/2008 Pizza Napoletana: S.T.G. disciplinary published on the European Communities Official Journal.
15/02/2008 Pizza on track for Eu laurel
05/02/2008 Neapolitan pizza has everyone agreeing
27/01/2008 2008 AVPN members census
13/12/2007 Our master pizzaioli come back from Monterrey - Mexico
07/12/2007 Do you know what is the latest mexican passion? Neapolitan pizza, of course!
06/12/2007 Do you know what is the latest mexican passion? Neapolitan pizza, of course!
04/12/2007 AVPN at Monterrey Universal culture Forum - December 2007
28/10/2007 AVPN Members information - Audit
19/09/2007 Pizzafest 2007: final results
14/09/2007 International competition "Vota la pizza 2007": the winner is....
30/08/2007 International competition "Vota la pizza 2007"
05/08/2007 Summer holiday
28/07/2007 The Art of Pizza: Cooking up the world's most authentic pie in Naples, Italy
27/07/2007 Pizzafest 2007
25/07/2007 Verace pizza association at Carpisa Neapolis Rock Festival
08/06/2007 The Italian Fest of Kawasaki - Japan
04/05/2007 "Pizzanapoletana in tour" at the 58th Grand Prix Lottery - "Scratch and Win"
03/05/2007 'Pizzanapoletana in tour' a SALT EXPO'
22/04/2007 Seminary in Tokyo about the Original Neapolitan Pizza
20/04/2007 The original Neapolitan pizza in Japan: the excellence of the Neapolitan tradition
19/04/2007 The AVPN division meeting at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo
14/04/2007 The Neapolitan Pizza lands in Japan
12/03/2007 Master Gaetano Fazio in Japan
20/02/2007 "Pizzanapoletana in tour" at the Saviano Carnival
26/10/2006 Pizzafest in Nonantola
30/09/2006 White night in NAPLES
27/09/2006 Pizzafest 2006 - International Competition"Vote your Pizza" - POPULAR JURY
27/09/2006 Pizzafest 2006 - International Competition "Vote your Pizza" - TECHNICAL JURY
27/09/2006 Pizzafest 2006 - Pizza d'autore
07/08/2006 "Pizza Napoletana in tour" in Colonia!!!
19/07/2006 Germogli
14/07/2006 Neapolis Festival
14/06/2006 Coldiretti Farmers Association, Tomato Fest
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